Richard Dawkins on Studio 4 in Vancouver – Part 4 of 5

Richard Dawkins on Studio 4 in Vancouver - Part 4 of 5

Fanny Kiefer, of ShawTV’s Studio 4, interviews Dr. Dawkins in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

18 Responses to “Richard Dawkins on Studio 4 in Vancouver – Part 4 of 5”

  1. GADGETRONsc says:

    Didn’t know one person? could equal 1 million. And how the hell did one book convert you?

  2. summerlytriangle says:

    Wonderful news :)?

  3. summerlytriangle says:

    Exactly my thoughts. I was brought up Hindu, but I’m so thankful my family is open-minded; they gave me the opportunity to read different types of literature, think critically, and grow out of? religion.

  4. huwrj says:

    LOL. And I’m a former Christian. How funny it is, we started out in life different and now atheism has brought us together? in a strange way. I wish everybody could throw off these mental chains and all join the same reality.

  5. hznfrst says:

    “Survival of the fittest” is an exaggeration that is often used by the more ruthless members of our species as justification for their exploitive behaviors towards others. It is not quite accurate scientifically and should really be? changed to “survival of the good enough,” since an individual has to be extraordinarily handicapped to be unable to reproduce, something which requires no exceptional talent to accomplish, especially in humans.

  6. attractivue says:

    I am a former Muslim too. I’ve read his book too but I had already become an Atheist at a very young age but? Prof. Dawkins book has helped me understand and prepare for the arguments the creationists provide!

  7. gh778jk says:

    DSAhmed : Good work! there is? a universe of awe and wonder opening up for you, that would have been forever closed to you, if you kept bowing to Mecca!
    I admire your courage! The “religion of piece” usually chops of the heads of apostates….The “just city” can only be built on Reason and Logic, not on the delusions of the “faithnicks”!


  8. frankiesweeney says:

    good to hear it dude?

  9. koochkooch says:

    Good job? man ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Laparanoicafierita says:

    this is nice to read?

  11. thinkalott33 says:

    who are your parents ? they was just a way for you to get here . so it took sperm to make you but who put life in that sperm ? isnt it like frankenstein ! you? have the body but you need something to bring that body to life . so your parents gave you the body threw sperm .? but were did the life come from ? so i think it,s finaly time to shut you down we ben at it to long . can science take a dead body and bring it back to life .NO .so were dose the life source come from . by !

  12. TheWhiteDreamsOfLife says:

    Congrats :)?

  13. justatallguy says:

    Hahaha yeah, he is so honest that it’s funny? hahaha.

  14. jaylias says:

    LMFAO an entire city zapped because of lesbian bahahhaha humans? can be really dumb sometimes

  15. evilagent says:

    LOL @ 5:13

    “These people don’t? really read…”

    LOVE the Dawkins!

  16. mattyrm says:

    congratulations on breaking the spell! Welcome to the? sensible world! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. syntratax says:

    Dawkins isn’t the only person who can sucessfully speak? on these complicated subjects and articulate them in a way that most people can grasp the concepts, he’s certainly one of the best and definitely one of the most active members of the athiest community. We need far more people to not only spread his words but speak their own minds and invite people to discover the truth themselves.

  18. yatter1 says:

    Iยดve just begun to see how much I like canadians, there? are so many really cool canadians around now, I wish the yanks would take a leaf.