Richard Dawkins on Studio 4 in Vancouver – Part 3 of 5

Fanny Kiefer, of ShawTV’s Studio 4, interviews Dr. Dawkins in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

21 Responses to “Richard Dawkins on Studio 4 in Vancouver – Part 3 of 5”

  1. huwrj says:

    Dawkins is the king of? atheists! Long live King Richard

  2. itislupus08 says:

    “C.S. lewis’s arguments? are pathetic”

  3. cheatdath says:


  4. ekbowler says:


  5. TheServiceWeb says:


    Topics: DEADLY ARGUMENTS NOW ADDED For The Creationism-Evolutionism Debate (See Subchapter 10.2.2.), The Issue On The Criminal Liability Of Foretelling The END OF THE WORLD, Other Debated Issues, Terrorism, War, Law, Politics, Religion,? Philosophy, Science, Others.


    See Figure 4, which is THE MEANING OF THE PYRAMID, at

    See Announcements at

  6. chicagonative17 says:

    How? about 3,000…….

  7. maxw12345 says:

    worst. interviewer. ever.?

  8. greyfoxx07 says:

    yeah no kidding haha. I was like where the hell is that sound coming from. I stopped the video and listened to see if it was around my house and finally realized? it was from the video.

  9. HemaFTW says:

    Finaly someone that managed to put the way i think? into the right words. Thank you Dawkins!

  10. Back7sword says:

    Bloody truck reversing!!?

  11. simonwedege says:

    We assume animals doesn’t have consciousness, but how exactly did we come to that conclusion? It? sounds like it comes from religion, as they believe that consciousness is equal to have a soul – and they don’t believe animals have souls.

  12. ndugumuzana says:

    The end of the clip is quite telling! The ‘sigh’ at the very end was the moment the white flag of defeat was? raised… Incidentally, I am not suggesting the interview was an opponent to Dawkins, I am merely pointing out the fact that she (for an infinitum of a moment) was left stupefied by Dawkins closing thoughts on the matter.

    Dawkins is just splendid!!

  13. Battery9876 says:

    multiverse? guys multiverse…

  14. inf0dump says:

    Yes, I saw that. I was referring more to the quality of the show and the? interviewer (who frankly seems a bit drunk in this clip). In that sense The Hour was much better. I thought Strombo did a great job.

  15. tml4873 says:

    He was also interviewed on The Hour, a? national show, and was treated very much the same.

  16. inf0dump says:

    I’d? just like to point out that this is a cable-access news show, not a network show. It’s probably not a good representation of Canadian news shows in general.

  17. Chaaarge says:

    the true? north strong and free! I love canada above all other countries! and i’m not even canadian

  18. Nemesis000000 says:

    If there’s one thing we Canadians are good at,? its bland neutrality

  19. ericleb01 says:

    i love Canadian? newscasts and interviews. So neutral.

  20. hornetobiker says:

    No it’s not.I “Allah U Akbar” is the equivalent of a christian saying “praise the lord” (in thanks for whatever). The “death prayer” is? “I testify that there is no god but allah and that muhammad is his messanger” in Arabic of course. Quite a bit longer and not so media freindly I think.

  21. weepaul666 says:

    When you realise how? big the universe is, the more rediculous the whole god concept, and the bible, really is. The fact god puts all his time into this one little planet out of trillions and trillions of others…We’re so small that we really don’t mean anything. That’s something a lot of people can’t handle knowing…