Rev Kevin Annett: Public Declaration to the Vatican & The Republic of Kanata (Canada)

VIDEO: Rev. Kevin Annett – Public Declaration to the Vatican/The Republic of Kanata (Canada) In this video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Rev. Kevin Annett, Acting Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State – – discusses a public declaration to Pope Ratzinger and the Vatican stating that unless specific actions are taken by the Pope and the Vatican by September 15, 2012, “every known Roman Catholic priest or official who has harmed a child or protected those who have will be publicly named by our network, and will be publicly arrested and expelled from their churches.” The Declaration continues, “This decision is made under the common law right of citizenship arrest of those who endanger children when established authorities refuse to protect the community. Such direct action to protect our children will be accompanied by ongoing occupations and seizures of Roman Catholic Church property commencing globally on September 15, 2012. These measures are being taken because of the refusal by you and your church hierarchy to do justice to your victims and abide by the law and morality; and specifically, because of your refusal to agree to these ten measures, issued to you on May 4, 2012 by our Tribunal: 1. Issue full reparations to survivors 2. Surrender the remains of those who died for a proper burial. 3. Return all land and wealth taken from church victims 4. Surrender all evidence and perpetrators of crimes against children

19 Responses to “Rev Kevin Annett: Public Declaration to the Vatican & The Republic of Kanata (Canada)”

  1. damael222 says:

    scientology are? also enemies of the vatican

  2. damael222 says:

    downvote that scientology post, thats? vatican / cia bot post

  3. toobphish says:

    Of course they have, they always have! The Vatican is the world-wide center of Satanism.? Satanists sacrifice children in their evil rituals and subsequently cannibalize and consume the corpses! This has gone on for thousands of years! Bon Appetit.

  4. Zoemaaa says:

    This is? brilliant!!

  5. Zentralsonne says:

    Im praying that this great work will? succeed!!! It’s time to pull the masks down!

  6. TheDorisan says:

    Thank God? for the bravery of this man and those like him. God speed, and Blessings.

  7. SherryInfowarsNews says:

    The queen of england worships satan. Order of the Garter.
    Garter is a snake and this is an open book. They? do not hide their luciferian cult…we will self police ourselves because our minds can’t conceive of what they do.

    We really need KEVIN to be telling the truth. This has to Happen. LaRouche and Sean Stone
    pulled the same thing and NOTHING comes of it. Cause La Rouche works for the queen.

  8. wordocalypse says:

    Excellent work guys.? Things are changing for sure

  9. MrKingAnthony2007 says:

    I have much respect for Rev. Kevin Annett – however, this is much bigger then “the church” and “the church” is simply a diversion. In the late nineties, I obtained information that the Canadian (all) government(s) are involved with the sex trade industry? and began to forward materials around the world. This began what I do today – not unnoticed. I will say, this is bigger then governments.

  10. patrickOboyle says:

    Its truly sad that people still belive the catholic church is GODS mouthpeice. i guess thats why soooo many become atheists or watever. They make God seem like such a cruel partial entity. when thats not Truth at all. Im glad to see that SOMEONE has taken a lead in bringing what the people want to the governments. were american because we didnt want to be enslaved. but were in enslaved by? a chruch. Its horrible what they do and still do.

  11. baarbaarathesheep says:

    It is never too late to get? justice for these horrendous crimes against humanity, well done Kevin

  12. ruthmcphrsn says:

    2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become? the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Rev 18:2

  13. truvelocity says:

    The reason why the Catholic Church was the perfect haven for criminal activity is because people were? taught not to question God. If you can’t question God, you can’t question the church authorities. Therefore, you must believe that anyone who is a follower of a faith that has been taught as good would irrationally mean that they are inherently good.

  14. MrFixErit says:

    Yes – you are Right.? No revenge and LET’S STOP THEM!
    May Peace Prevail on Earth

  15. LLaneroSolitario17 says:

    The Pope is as CORRUPT as his Cardinals……..ALL of them deserve to go to jail for cover? up. The End of the Catholic Church is at hand!!!!!!!!

  16. buxton59 says:

    I have been waiting for years for something like this to finally happen & remove the protections that the Churches? have enjoyed for too long. The horrendous abuse of children needs to be exposed & those responsible need to be held accountable!

  17. marialeroux says:

    Pope Benedict is also guilty for the silence and cover-up of? all this scrap. But he’s cover by diplomatic global immunity

  18. MsWonderful79 says:

    Thanks so much for bringing this out of the hidden agenda of the evil RC and Anglican Churches. Just don’t give them so much extra time escape justice for these crimes like the RC church did in the Boston Archdiocese – that allowed cardinal Law to escape to the Vatican under the protection of the previous pope and? not face charges that he covered up (and probably, participated at one time) these pedophile priests.

  19. miketutnix says:

    … – here we go again and again – negotiations with satanic forces on the 3D-level – falling for the illusion of time and space – – delay-tactics – why? give them until September to carry-on their assault on their victims – how many more dead,killed,raped,etc doyou need before we ACT. ..and I´m not even talking about abjudication, punishment or any of that sort – just weed them out – give ´em a beautiful island – that they like to use for nuke-testings and stuff – give them all they need but ..