Reporter stuck on Carnival cruise

Reporter stuck on Carnival cruise

Reporter, Kris Anderson WREG, stuck on Carnival cruise with wife and two sons.
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34 Responses to “Reporter stuck on Carnival cruise”

  1. kahnj says:

    3:07 Haha news? anchor fail

  2. 95thRiflesOCI says:


  3. FloridaBiker says:

    American? Taxpayers will have to pay nearly 5 million dollars to pay for all the recent Coast Guard help for junk, unmaintained Carnival Cruise Ships.

    Carnival, a Panama Corporation, doesn’t pay taxes.

    The founder of Carnival Cruise Lines Ted Arison refused to become an American because he hated this country and didn’t want to pay American Taxes.

    When Panama Carnival Cruise Ships get into trouble from not being maintained why don’t they call the Panama Coast Guard since they are Panama Ships?

  4. FloridaBiker says:

    On the Carnival Legend the CDC inspected and found the potable water had E-coli and human waste and Carnival STILL secretly let passengers drink, shower, and wash with the filthy water because they didn’t want to miss out on a dollar by canceling? the cruise, cleaning the water, or making the Carnival Legend safe.

    Carnival Cruise Lines is run by the sleazyest, most dishonest people on earth who will do ANYTHING to you for a profit.

    It is a Panama Corporation. They screw America.

  5. oriday64 says:

    Wow85, for a 26 year old, your grammar is awful! I’m glad? EtecGear and whoever else responded could understand you, but I couldn’t make heads or tails. Wow!

  6. EtecGear says:

    Your talking about the teen club not the game room. Your 26 you don’t need to be chilling with teens in club02. Your not making any sense. The only opinion i said was about the food and the service.
    Either your antisocial or just don’t do anything. On the 10 cruises I’ve taken there are plenty of activities to do aboard the ship. (never once? bored) I am very skeptical on the way you described everything.

  7. wow85 says:

    Exactly, most of the room was dead the whole day except during night when teens were there. Just i was at casino or a show during the nights. I’m going to Hawaii Celebrity cruise lines & it will take like 5 days to get to the 1st stop on Hawaii. So i don’t want to hear their shit, being bored all day will just make me tired & napping the whole day during a cruise ain’t fun 2 me. Also for your other comment, opinion is not actual facts. It’s? just word of mouth.

  8. EtecGear says:

    They wouldn’t let you in the game room because you were 26? ?

  9. wow85 says:

    Meaning I wasn’t the age required even though it mostly empty the whole entire trip. That’s what I was told & I was like 26 so i wasn’t going to stay there the whole day. Playing the psp? after a while gets old, btw this happened after I was found out being there & yet the staff who saw me there don’t say or do shit til then.

  10. EtecGear says:

    Why did you say you’ve taken 2 carnival cruises and then on the comment you just sent me you said you’ve taken 4 carnival cruises? when you only posted the comment 2 days ago?

  11. EtecGear says:

    Just saying the facts. My youtube keeps undoing my comments.
    What do you mean you couldn’t play in the arcades? because nobody was there ?

  12. wow85 says:

    I am just curious as into? what is the point in replying to my comment, giving your opinion on what you think Carnivan cruise lines are then just delete it out of the blue. I been on Carnival 4 times, no activities during the day, everything is over priced. You hang out in1 place & your getting bugged for drinks too often. The shows are the same from the intro to the night shows to the end show when your on the way home. I mean I couldn’t even play any arcades, yet no1 was in there.

  13. EtecGear says:

    Maybe you should of said can you put us somewhere away from the back.? oh and by the way it was the propellers that was making your table shake.

  14. EtecGear says:

    Ive been on 10 Carnival cruises and i never had a problem. The food was great, the service was great etc. Carnival owns 49.2% of the cruise market. They have over 100 ships to look over. Things? are? going? to happen. Royal Caribbean only owns 23.8% of the cruise market. They don’t have to? look over 100 ships. (only 40 ships atm) The News Company’s makes things look 10 times worse than it is.

  15. EtecGear says:

    People? are just stupid.

  16. wow85 says:

    Well there was a mix of low income to middle to high income people on the cruise. Many people on carnival cruises are just pigs tbh, I also don’t like seeing people who can’t afford formal wear when every1 else is eating in the formal wear. Or how I over hear people talking that they can’t afford a shore excursion. Tome it’s depressing to? hear that.

  17. momsrus says:

    Really,? low income? Middle income?….

  18. 1anearthling1 says:

    That’s not a ship ,? That’s a building !

  19. Giscard Berrouet says:

    Try Norwegian Cruise Line call me at 1-877-416-9722? Extension 4350

  20. irintheutubefan says:


  21. Reis Salvin says:

    Great? movie!

  22. yoyokenwan says:

    shitest plot? ever

  23. iRegretN0thing says:

    so the enemy is the apple corporation??

  24. Carmine Rizzo says:

    How many times have we’ve seen a concept like Oblivion/ I don’t know son probably like a billion/ This is more of the same shit/And everyone of those movies stars Cruise or Will Smith/ Before you get mad at me and start to curse/ Do me a favor and compare this movie to After Earth/ I aint done pay attention/Now take both films,? compared to? “I am Legend”. It don’t take biology to know these dudes are brainwashed by scientology. Anywayz, I’m Nine2Five peep my link n remind me of how badly I suck

  25. cota47 says:

    visuals were amazing, plot was shit?

  26. Juanma Fernandez says:

    Crítica? en

  27. muffiukas says:

    ultimate? crap

  28. Pahod Dodtangmu says:

    Thumbs up if u thought it was a parody b4 u had? watched it

  29. mydopetracks says:

    this movie sucked, it? was boring as shit. don’t waste ur money

  30. BriefMovieReviews says:

    Check out my? review of this movie and others in comment section of my channel.

  31. Kyltteri says:

    Damn this movie was good! :)? Tom Cruise is awesome!

  32. OrpheusJRK says:

    Sorry thanks? 🙂

  33. Eric Vun says:

    Are you an effective? team?

  34. OrpheusJRK says:

    Are you in? affected team???????????????