Red Bull Skateboarding: Vancouver shipyard session

Red Bull Skateboarding: Vancouver shipyard session

Ryan DeCenzo, Brandon Biebel, Ron Deily, Zered Bassett and local skate Magnus Hanson hit Vancouver, British Columbia for a skate session at a local shipyard.

22 Responses to “Red Bull Skateboarding: Vancouver shipyard session”

  1. mrpaintballdude1 says:


  2. monteoner says:

    bc? buds do though

  3. LeanZima says:

    god i never did D: ima? get 1 some day!

  4. wsandvik says:

    i hate it when? the advertisement freezes and i have to reload and watch the advertisement again…

  5. sergej Bilanovic says:

    man its sick they can skate

  6. ShannonDenham1995 says:

    i like how redbull is marketed to athletes… if anything it will make you? feel worse when you’re skating or whatever you’re doing

  7. n724saw says:

    I Wish? Summer! …:(

  8. SuperSammytheman says:

    i just had a red bull and a McChicken? burger. KILLER COMBO

  9. 4Lride says:

    great video. Vancouver? is awesome.

  10. andresskatedrumm says:

    biebel rules !!….. ryan decenzo? is on darkstar not ?

  11. MagnoliaStFilms says:

    Does any know the last? song?

  12. Theo665 says:

    last? song?

  13. motioneight says:

    what? do you call a top notch skater? Bahahaha You do know ryan decenzo finishes above p rod and alot of “top notch” pros in just about any contest.

  14. mehdikholtiskateur says:


  15. beniciodeltaro says:

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  16. muttsquid says:

    Vancouver is chill?

  17. 97fek says:

    Nice video, they was killin it ! Red? bull is the best drink.’

  18. 97fek says:

    Red bull is a drug? !

  19. djexpanium says:

    yeah last song? is chilled out 🙂

  20. OlliFevang says:


  21. banjalukask8 says:

    yes, but it makes you? think that you do xD

  22. camposbro says:

    Warning:? Red Bull does not make you skate better.