Real-life bear encounters

A few nice Vancouver Canada images I found:

Real-life bear encounters
Vancouver Canada
Image by termie
"Canadians spend so much time fending off bear attacks that it is hard to believe they get any work done at all. This is generally thought by researchers to be the main reason why Canada lacks the vibrant infrastructure and social life of their close neighbours the United States." – Third-party Bear Attack Consultant

Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche at the bow of a ship, prayer flags, in Vancouver BC Canada, photo by Geoffrey Haynes
Vancouver Canada
Image by Wonderlane

2 Responses to “Real-life bear encounters”

  1. hippotrailer says:

    Hello. I happen to have a degree in Bear Attackology from the University of the Cariboo ( I’ve studied Bear taunting, Bear fending, and bear territory invasions.

    After 3 years of thesis work on Bear Impacts on Canadian and society, I concluded that bears encourage roads to be made wider/broader, buildings made taller to prevent bear climbing, and car and airplane technology to advance dramatically so that Canadians can flee from bear attacks faster.

    I conclude that bears increased our quality of life.

    If Americans had more bears, they would benefit in weight loss since they’d run away more; and because bears eat human garbage, your landfills will be less full.

    Americans had buffalo, but they made too many burgers and wings out of them.


  2. Padmakara, the original says:

    Wow! Great shot! Thanks! 🙂