Reaction to Sidney Crosby’s Goal Canada vs USA Vancouver 2010 Olympics Vlog 8 of 9

This day was definitely the highlight of the entire time that the Olympics was here.
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19 Responses to “Reaction to Sidney Crosby’s Goal Canada vs USA Vancouver 2010 Olympics Vlog 8 of 9”

  1. MrWhyteAvenue says:

    7:07? Poker face

  2. ArtRossable says:

    Because we WON GOLD!?

  3. harleysoccer23 says:

    I saw the golden goal tribute at the Hockey? Hall of Fame in Toronto and boy did it ever bring up the emotions and memories of that moment!!! Unforgettable!
    And yes, maybe the USA had a chance, but Canada owned it and boy were we EVER on top of the world! And still are!

  4. thedukesmace123 says:

    I bet your the american that was standing? there! lol

  5. wlalevee says:

    Unfortunately Hockey is our 4th liked sport here in the U.S.A. But, according to almost everyone, we were never even supposed to medal, and to beat us only by 1 goal and an O.T. goal?? How much better were you?? I could only imagine the NERVOUSNESS B4 and in O.T. Imagine If Fatso Brodeur was in net, we would of burnt him like we did earlier in the series. I’m not being bitter,? you won fair and square but to act like as if we didn’t have a chance?? Team U.S.A. deserved a lot more respect IMO.

  6. PineappleBootKamp says:

    Which the U.S even had a hope and? a prayer in winning right? LOL not a chance buddy!

  7. ConnorLyon says:

    ha sorry :p?

  8. darkbro19 says:

    awwwwww? šŸ™

  9. ConnorLyon says:

    actually no, i don’t.?

  10. BRYCEIZGOOD says:

    i hate canada…im? jealous :&

  11. keenanp288 says:

    USA still rulesmatter what Crosby Sucks?

  12. canadianhockeyrock says:


  13. JoePal1986 says:

    Not as good as the Landon Donovan goal reaction video? from the World Cup.

  14. darkbro19 says:

    don’t you mean some random guy is gonna come out of his? igloo and order his polar bear to murder him? then ride off in the sunset on his dogsled?

  15. noordeep12 says:

    It was the golden goal, on the golden day, with the golden? glove, with the golden stick, against the golden goalie, during the golden time, in the golden city, with the golden teammates, against the? Golden team, buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttĀ­ttttttttttt it was only the golden goal.

  16. Bolts491 says:


  17. atoz0to9999 says:

    4:25? ASS!!

  18. coltitus says:

    Is that a? jubilation? OMG!! ^^

  19. newfiemale25 says:

    The Only Gold Metal? that really Mattered