Raw Video – Wheelchair Hero Foils Robbery

bulletproofcourier.blogspot.com This is the CCTV footage released to the public and media showing wheelchair-bound Vancouver man Larry Skopnik tackling a man trying to rob a Commercial Drive convenience store.

14 Responses to “Raw Video – Wheelchair Hero Foils Robbery”

  1. IBeanOverlord says:

    I know several peopel in wheelchairs and there is one thing i have noticed in every single one of them. They have? very strong armss, so when i so when i saw that man’s arm around his neck i thought He must barely be able to even breath

  2. Danulo Varenytsia says:

    One strong? MAN

  3. mokatha says:

    Dat light? spanking with the wet floor sign

  4. 21nyknicks says:

    you might say they have… thorarms! im sorry that? was bad ill show myself out

  5. JPEG1054 says:

    0:13 lol? she fell

  6. DLTAJohnny says:

    Thats a freaking miracle?

  7. humanoflife says:

    0:20 Damn!! good hit with the? wet floor sign

  8. kywheel says:

    Bad.? Ass.

  9. JeefCakes says:


  10. lizhenry says:

    Wet floor sign guy? spanks him like “ehhhhn!”

  11. Rafael Bulsing says:

    Best youtube comment? ever. Congrats.

  12. srslyeatadick says:

    What? the hell is that guy gonna do with the wet floor sign?

  13. DuffyIsMurder says:

    Holy shit lol?

  14. ducktapelover1 says:

    i like the buy with the yellow sign ?