Radiance of the Seas Cruise Ship Dry Dock

Radiance of the Seas enters the Victoria Ship Yard in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada to start her 22-day dry dock. Radiance will receive a variety of enhancements including a Samba Grill, Boardwalk Dog House, Izumi, 15 new staterooms & much more. We’d love to stay in touch! Connect with us on Facebook www.facebook.com & Twitter twitter.com
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8 Responses to “Radiance of the Seas Cruise Ship Dry Dock”

  1. SkagwayAlaska4Me says:

    I’ve been fortunate to sail this “Great Lady” of the Seas Three times!!
    Each time was better than the last,you cannot get more elegant or friendlier than
    the staff and crew of the Radiance and the Seas,and Royal Caribbean respectively..

    I’ve also been on the Oasis last spring,but? “This Great Lady”,The Radiance has a class “all her own”.

  2. rexse7en says:

    are the 15 staterooms they added during dry? dock new single staterooms or are they standard double or triple/quad rooms like Royal has always had?

  3. Flavio12034 says:

    2:39 to 2:43? lie…….

  4. O1Hazzer says:

    it’d be great to see the cabins and the centrum area as? they get repaired and upgraded!

    Can’t wait!


  5. timmyexner says:

    I’m producing? these videos, they’ll be a new video every 2 or 3 days. Anything specific that you want to see about the ship?

  6. WendyMontebello says:

    This is one? of my favorite ships! Glad to see its being updated!

  7. O1Hazzer says:

    I? hope you’ll post a video update of how it went!!!!!!!!!!

  8. awu says:

    BC is glad to have you, coming from a resident of Vancouver. The Radiance has always been one of my favorites and seeing it take on a new restoration is fantastic to see. Can’t wait to see the outcome? when it’s done!