Puppies and The Tour de Nerdfighting 2012

Info and tickets for the 2012 Great American (and Canadian) Tour de Nerdfighting: dft.ba In which John reveals that he, Hank, the Katherine, and occasionally the Yeti will again be piling into a vehicle and making nerdfighteria IRL in January of 2012 to celebrate the release of The Fault in Our Stars. The tour will visit Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Raleigh, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC These gatherings will feature music and readings and the reduction of worldsuck and punishments and hilarity and will generally attempt to make everything nerdfightastic for a while. If you have questions, ask them here or on tumblr and I’ll try to reply. Thanks for being awesome, and I hope to see you in January! HERE ARE A LOT OF LINKS TO NERDFIGHTASTIC THINGS: Shirts and Stuff: dftba.com Hank’s Music: dftba.com John’s Books: amzn.to ====================== Hank’s Twitter: www.twitter.com Hank’s Facebook: www.facebook.com Hank’s tumblr: edwardspoonhands.tumblr.com John’s Twitter www.twitter.com John’s Facebook: www.facebook.com John’s tumblr: fishingboatproceeds.tumblr.com ====================== Other Channels Crash Course www.youtube.com SciShow: www.youtube.com Gaming: www.youtube.com VidCon: www.youtube.com Hank’s Channel: www.youtube.com Truth or Fail: www.youtube.com ====================== Nerdfighteria effyeahnerdfighters.com effyeahnerdfighters.com reddit.com
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LOVE this arrangement… let’s vibe, yea? Cool. (I’m serious. YOU BETTER VIBE. This was not easy.) (Just kidding, you don’t have to… but I’d appreciate it if you did!) Peace, love and lol. ———- GABE BONDOC LIVE! AN ACOUSTIC EXPERIENCE VANCOUVER, BC – 12/26/11 The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage gabebondoc.com SEATTLE, WA – 12 The Benaroya Hall gabebondoc.com Bring a friend! Let’s ROCK OUT. (There will absolutely be a “meet and greet”, I’m not leaving without meeting you awesome people. Let’s take a picture, yea?) ———- “The Loar” – LH600 Archtop Guitar… such an incredible look and sound. Please take a moment to check them out. I’m sure you’ll love ’em! – http ———- KoAloha Ukulele… beautiful, hand-made instruments! – koaloha.com ———- Need recording gear? Apogee Digital. Frankly, they’re the best. (Try the Duet, ONE and GiO!) Check them out! Click, click, click! – apogeedigital.com ———- Twitter! http Facebook! www.facebook.com Tumblr! gabebondoc.tumblr.com BigCartel! gabebondoc.bigcartel.com ———-
Video Rating: 4 / 5

46 Responses to “Puppies and The Tour de Nerdfighting 2012”

  1. lightningcow10 says:

    No one loves Michigan.? No one.

  2. maplelump says:

    Come to? Copperfields Books in Petaluma, Ca for your next book tour. 🙂

    If Chris Colfer can do it, so can you.

  3. SquaredSmith says:

    John: What is it, Esther day?
    Me: YES IT IS!! 😀
    Me: *Tells everyone they love? that they love them*

  4. thomas lazzri says:

    This comment is new? right now

  5. honeycomb97 says:

    Recently became a nerdfighter (as in 3 days ago), so when you said Vancouver I burst into tears because…FEELS

  6. soulartistRiSK says:

    Come? to Pennsylvania!!!!!!! (preferably Pittsburgh)

  7. Taalliesiin says:

    You? know we think you’re pretty ;3

  8. suzannebarillers says:

    “? I lov- I like you.”

  9. mmbros77 says:

    Come to Florida next time!!! PLEASE!!!?

  10. susankohistany says:

    I missed? you in DC 🙁

  11. Jordan Lawley says:

    Of course someone was in my state for once when I didn’t keep up with the vlogbrothers as much. This probably won’t happen for another 20 years..? Oh, well.

  12. SkycaptainII says:

    I find “doobly-doo” keeps coming up in my? conversations.

    Nobody knows what I’m talking about

  13. californiaredwood says:

    Can nerdfighters purchase that tour poster?? It’s really awesome.

  14. elenacarpenter926 says:

    …. Do not criticize buttons…. This is nerd-fighters, you do not pick on the? leaders who brought awesome to your lives!

  15. Dawnstar1209 says:

    Arkansans never gets any Nerdfighter lo-like. At least not Northwest Arkansas. Northwest Arkansas needs you, Hank and John. We? lo-like you two.

  16. Sam Chappell says:

    Please come to Minnisota on your next tour? it would be awesome!!!

  17. whisperabovethestorm says:

    you need? to name your off screen figment of your imagination…

  18. Vampiremelody95 says:

    If you go? touring again, come to Oklahoma City! I’m your biggest fan and it would be AWESOME to see you in person!

  19. lotuscalm says:

    I am holding you to that promise, John. Minnesota, next time. St.? Paul, Minnesota…

  20. MrComputergeek3 says:

    Come to Philadelphia? next time!!

  21. TheSage555 says:

    You call it the “Tour de? Nerdifghting” but you do not come to Quebec?

  22. Captainjumpy says:

    Jokes on you! The Midwest had the mildest winter ever!?

  23. sabdelro says:

    I love his face when he knows he? got it right. He’s such a kyootie patootie hahaha

  24. ckapule08 says:

    PLEASE make? a Christmas album!!!!!!

  25. homiegforce says:


  26. LionDomoRaawrs says:


  27. krika1171 says:


  28. Mattdelux07 says:

    I’m in California now! I was Born here and went to Thailand! I still call it my home even though i wasnt born there…. but its where most of my family is from. How is? it over there?

  29. MeMiiZKunG says:

    nvm ^^ so where are? you ?

  30. Richard vuong says:


  31. Mattdelux07 says:

    Thailand 🙂 My Home<3? I miss everyone in Thailand! Sorry for the input lol

  32. LennyFish95 says:

    This is super funky and awesome, I agree with @reubschan I’d? most definitely buy your Christmas album 😀

  33. y8yap says:

    u look man with yr beard, you look much more handsome without? your beard. !

  34. tcarreke says:

    Bebe? and Cece have the best arrangement of Jingle Bells….RESPECT, for doin this one!!!

  35. MeMiiZKunG says:

    When I listen to your song I feel happy… Thanks for making a great song for us to? listen ^^

    (Ps. Sorry , my English is broken ^^)

    I’ll keep follow on your music from here ( in Thailand 555 so far ryt )


    Love Peach !!

  36. dieutaime82 says:

    you say? this wasnt easy, but you made it look effortless 🙂 great great cover!

  37. evilone123456789 says:

    it is? the fukiest n u tooooo

  38. hsernern says:

    Amazing. how do you? play like that and sing with such a clear voice still!? crrrrazy 🙂

  39. Lu103is says:

    The Loar-600 VS <33 so? sick

  40. josh181818 says:

    not fair that you so? talented!!! 😀

  41. narutoskick says:

    i googled how to vibe because i didn’t know what it? was, but wanted to do it.

  42. JLAQ47 says:

    @0:03 ha-lo?

  43. dellachryshanti says:

    Please come? to indonesia!!! i’m abso-freakin-lutely coming and see you jammin. i love you gabe <3

  44. JBThizzy says:

    2 Thumbs Up? Cool Guy, I’m Vibing

  45. annelynd says:

    Damn, your’re? sexy!!!!