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20 Responses to “PUNJABI SPEAKING MOUNTAINS (BC Vlog 2)”

  1. GoodlyRythmus says:

    sucking on youughursbuofsb?

  2. hilarycopp says:

    Cannot? believe you walked passed the Winking Judge… lol

  3. SuperSingh300 says:

    lol wingin’ it? on stage and shit

  4. JagzH93 says:

    What are the songs? that are played before they perform Patla Waist?

  5. TheCanucks4eva says:

    1:04 Bridgeport Road haha?

  6. PURRPLEE100 says:

    I didn’t get the hip thrusts part :S? but the talking mountians was really funny 😀

  7. sanaakurata says:

    AW RONNY! ?

  8. surreywhatson says:

    That “uncle” is? actually not an uncle….i think he just looks old. He’s like 30…give or take a few years

  9. prasad604 says:

    ahaha the mountains :’)
    and babbu? 2:24 LADDIIEEEEE

  10. GraphixsHD says:


  11. kamm004 says:

    Where do you buy the? chain jus reign has on? the black one? can someone tell me

  12. a004 says:

    fair enough, cant argue with that.
    congrats on a successful? show.

  13. aliisha91 says:

    As someone involved with the competition, I can tell? you the show was actually almost sold out and there’s a good reason why it seems empty. BCHBC is unique in that that section of seats was reserved for the teams to come and watch the show after they performed. All the teams needed to be on stage right after Sarbjit Cheema finished performing, so they were all backstage at 7:32, and that’s why it looks empty.

  14. robinM17 says:

    im 15 and? i already have a beard the size of chaps! thankyou early puberty -_-“

  15. desiraver says:


  16. desiraver says:

    you? should sing

  17. Gsophie123 says:

    haHAHAHA my school won! when i was? watching this i was like screaming at the computer!

  18. rgowresh says:

    Sandy is Hot!?

  19. desIboy1992 says:

    4:40? what is the name of that old bhangra song anyone?

  20. FavoriteZac says:

    ahahaaha OMG!! ,? i? saw you in whiterock today , at around 5ish (SATURDAY) , Charlie Don’t Surf (The Restaurant .. ) , i was starrinnng att yuouu LOL. crazzzyyy