Polly – Walk off the Earth

Polly - Walk off the Earth

Walk Off The Earth’s new EP “REVO” is available NOW! Follow this link for details: smarturl.it Fall tour dates are ALSO available! Follow THIS link for details: smarturl.it WOTE TOUR DATES! TICKET LINKS: October 25 — New Haven, CT goo.gl October 26 — Boston, MA goo.gl October 27 — Towson, MD goo.gl October 28 — Philadelphia, PA goo.gl October 30 — Pittsburgh, PA goo.gl October 31 — New York, NY goo.gl November 02 — Cincinnati, OH goo.gl November 03 — Chicago, IL goo.gl November 04 — Grand Rapids, MI goo.gl November 06 — Nashville, TN goo.gl November 07 — Birmingham, AL goo.gl November 08 — Atlanta, GA goo.gl November 09 — Orlando, FL goo.gl November 10 — Ft. Lauderdale, FL goo.gl November 21 — Calgary, AB goo.gl November 22 — Edmonton, AB goo.gl November 25 — Vancouver, BC goo.gl November 26 — Seattle. WA goo.gl November 28 — Portland, OR goo.gl November 29 — San Francisco, CA goo.gl November 30 — Los Angeles, CA goo.gl December 1 — Santa Ana, CA goo.gl December 6 — Buffalo, NY goo.gl (RESCHEDULED DATE) iTunes Link: bit.ly Amazon Link: goo.gl WOTE is hard at work in the studio recording their new album…hence the lack of YouTube video releases lately. Gianni and Sarah think that sleep is overrated and decided to stay up last night and shoot this video in tribute to Nirvana and the late Kurt Cobain. If you enjoyed this video then please help us by: Sharing this video on Facebook and Twitter. Hitting the “LIKE” button and adding this to your
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18 Responses to “Polly – Walk off the Earth”

  1. lolo cocoel says:

    she`s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  2. Marceline Berricche Lo Dio says:

    Sarah? is ugly ‘-‘

  3. Recline187 says:

    Well enunciated lyrics?? Not sounding drunk/drugged, you have my like!

  4. Growled Crowled says:

    blondy on crank ?? 😀

  5. musicalcacti says:

    Put out some new youtube videos!!!!? I don’t care what songs you cover but you guys should ride the horse that got you to the rodeo… PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. nicoleannelagrimas says:

    you guys are? amazing

  7. huxn1 says:


  8. Ben Cialone says:

    Come to Colorado on your? next tour!

  9. wannabetyouarefat says:

    If you can’t fix it with duct tape, you ain’t using enough duckt? tape..

  10. trichromelondon says:

    Vai Gianni!!!grande!!!

  11. steveleetay says:

    Great job peeps!! Ill be seeing? ya when ya come to Portland!!

  12. raccoonfishgaming says:

    I think they should of done the original version kurt wrote for incscticide, and had? everyone doing it.

  13. Facepalmguy says:

    I would love to see this with just gianni, but this? is still awesome 😀

  14. Nicole Peet says:

    love the duct tape drum? stick…thats awesome!!!

  15. luckystarharehare15 says:

    I love how youtube is doing this thing down when you reply to someone it repeats your comment than the reply for no reason. It? takes up so much space and people are not that intellegent so you get spam flagged when it is youtube trying something new that clearly isn’t working. I miss the days where you can open one reply and see the chain of replies to the comment not a repeat.

  16. amandacavey says:

    gianni? the sexiest beast alive <3

  17. Mandy Boon says:

    Indeed. Kurt is amazing, but Gianni and Sarah are amazing as well. I like them both in their own? way.

  18. Marc Gallagher says:

    giani looks like adam levine, only with cooler? hair.