Philippines B777, China Airlines A340 landing at YVR

Philippine Airlines B777, China Airlines A340 and Air Canada A330 landing at Vancouver International Airport. June 24, 2011

12 Responses to “Philippines B777, China Airlines A340 landing at YVR”

  1. angunaanguna says:

    More beautiful? 777.

  2. angunaanguna says:

    I? LOVE PAL!!!:D

  3. angunaanguna says:

    Philippine 116 heavy,Cleared to land Runway 26R(Right).
    Cleared? to land Runway 26R(Right),Philippine 116.

  4. airbusA320neo says:

    Amazing? how the ends of the wings just dropped down from its wing flex on touchdown.

  5. Gabby8632 says:

    woow…two of? the most Biggest! but Philippine Airlines is the Asia’s first shining through! :)) love that!

  6. SketchyPadz says:

    I? LOVE PAL!!!!

  7. crasc222 says:

    These clouds look? wonderful! Awesome video! What tripod are you using? Pannings are really smooth!

  8. Insight2807 says:

    really nice! i love china air because i live in china !!!?

  9. energybengt says:

    Consistently impressed by the way you frame your shots. How you regard your subject really comes across. As I watch more aircraft? footage, I find yours captures the elegance and beauty of our flying machines. You let them do the talking. I am curious as to how you get such clear views for filming? Do you have one of those ladder rigs for the fence on Templeton?! If only we had access to the other runway for take-offs, eh? Keep up your awesome work, it’s much appreciated.

  10. skratchkamot says:

    Philippines has 777-300ERs, 747-400s, A340-300s,? A330-300s, A320-200s, and A319-100

  11. delpillar says:

    thanks i record? in 60i

  12. Sensor35 says:

    I am a big fan of yours.
    I have only praise for his work. Inspires me a lot.

    I have a question.
    Are you record at 24fps or? 60fps?