Penang Delight Cafe

Penang Delight Cafe Reviews

1316 W 73rd Avenue
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (13 Reviews)

Review by Jody B.
… you guys, there’s LOTS of stuff in Marpole! Including, but not limited to, some pretty fantastic Malaysian food. Who knew? I had the delight of having…
Rating: 4

Review by Nancy W.
Penang Delight Cafe is located off the main roads and in a residential area of Marpole. They also have another location on Rupert St. It is best to make…
Rating: 4

Review by Annie M.
Absolutely a hidden gem in Marpole!! I never thought there is a restaurant on 73rd Ave & Hudson Street!!

I got a friend who born at Kuala Lumpur,…
Rating: 4