Peace Summit 2009 – Educating the Heart and Mind

His Holiness the Dalai Lama along with four other Nobel Laureates and respected leaders in the fields of education, business and social transformation take part in four panel discussions as part of the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009 held in Vancouver Canada on September 27-29, 2009. ( Video courtesy of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education.

Enjoy highlights of a final that will go down in history, as the USA take on Canada in the men’s ice hockey gold medal game at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. For more Vancouver 2010 videos go to and visit the official website of the Olympic Movement at for all information on Olympic Games, Sports and Athletes, National Olympic Committees and Olympic News.
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38 Responses to “Peace Summit 2009 – Educating the Heart and Mind”


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    There are? my website is very problem

  2. kulawy85 says:

    why dalai lama havn’t learned english for all this years????

  3. flipwsad93 says:

    ludzie, niech to? kto? przet?umaczy

  4. Hankatu says:

    Sam Harris should have been? there.

  5. RichardAlanKosar says:

    Please do you know Mind Maps and their world teacher Tony? Buzan? This could be good peace of puzzle for creativity.

  6. untonsured says:

    it’s when someone says that what’s right or wrong for them? isn’t necessarily right/wrong for anyone else…so, people need direction and positive direction at that…hence the purpose of the peace summit. By the way, I agree with you….not that that matters.

  7. PICLex says:

    What’s? that when it’s at home? Morals are relative..

  8. untonsured says:

    well? one does not want to fall into moral relativism

  9. ken107 says:

    Before we try to find ways to cultivate creativity, we need to first figure out? what creativity is in the first place. I don’t think there is a consensus among the Jedi regarding what constitute creativity.

    In its deepest aspect, creativity is the freedom to try new things. Whether or not a new creation becomes useful or successful, it is still a product of creativity. It is then the hindrances of the mind, which we acquire as we grow older, that stifles our creativity. Spirituality is the way

  10. MusicaAngela says:

    How nice to see? a group of peaceful men.

  11. speiserman says:

    The force is strong? with them.

  12. bl1zard says:


  13. KennyReddwooddforest says:

    What the experts said is great in? regards to learning through creativity, art, meaningful context, purpose, motivation, love and through being understood by others, by the teachers, and by parents. And we must teach animals the same way and meet them where they are even if they are not as cognitively intelligent as humans are. The animals are our teachers in regards to character, loving kindess, standing by your side, tonglen, and bodhichitta. Loving animals is loving us.

  14. KennyReddwooddforest says:

    It should start with the corporations and I am appealing to them to begin to do serious introspections. But when they do not go within and see that they are cutting off their own life sources, then we teens, adults, kids? even, and the politicians, each person can go within, ask questions, accept the facts, and seek peaceful, loving and gentle solutions. Giving love to others must include the non human animals as well and if we love them we already have love in us.

  15. KennyReddwooddforest says:

    The weapon manufacturing corporations like Boeing and Lockeed Martin are responsible for pushing weapons on the US and other countries like drug? pushers push their drugs on teenagers. And that is why war is being promoted, perpetuated and increased. It even goes to the point of removal of our civil rights. It goes against expert scientific advise. The teenagers in form of politicians today give in to their own greed. Peace starts with the teens even though it should start with the corporations.

  16. PICLex says:

    I think it all depends on the individual. For the most part people don’t want to be happy, they would rather be ‘right’ or ‘safe’, and they will get that one way or the other. And you can’t change what they do.. So what is the purpose of all of this? Ultimately we change the world by our own happiness. So to ‘fix’ the world, find your own happiness, that? is all we can do…

  17. karabinbaba says:

    it’s Jedi? council!

  18. ralu4mike says:

    all teachers and parents should see this, these bright open kind people show us? what makes things running <3 that's LOVE

  19. KungFooCat96 says:

    Hockey-Made in? Canada

  20. KungFooCat96 says:

    true? that

  21. 998uzi says:

    both teams are gunna be just as strong if not stronger in 2014? cant wait

  22. The1canadian1 says:

    I love you? and congrats with parise and sutter

  23. gotwins13 says:

    As an American and Minnesotan, I was devastated by this loss. But losing to Canada is better? than some sissy Euro team winning gold.

  24. sideshowjeff says:

    Parise little? bit mad with Miller at the end of this one might figure.

  25. AFT3RxLiFE says:

    Silly Americans , hockey is? for canadians

  26. PineappleBootKamp says:

    Smith and Luongo?!?! Smith? had one good playoff run, he hasn’t earned Olympic goalie status yet. It’ll most likely be Price, Fleury (hate to say it but it will be) and Cam Ward.

  27. patentechosedunoname says:

    In your dreams.?

  28. ThatOneGuy1828 says:

    Go? Finland Lol

  29. SmashBros913 says:

    The best? hockey game ever

  30. Jiltedin2007 says:

    After all, isn’t Hockey considered to be “Canada’s? Game”?

  31. Jiltedin2007 says:

    Thank you for your Classy Comment. As an American, I can accept defeat to a team that is superior than us in their own sport. You taking the Gold in Ice Hockey? is no different than us taking the Gold in Basketball at the Summer Olympics.

  32. oFribble says:

    Very? good game. Congratz to our American friends for silver, well deserved!!

  33. Call4Duty100 says:

    There is a possibility Quick could be a goalie for team USA in 2014 now…?

  34. michaellinehan710 says:

    It’s just I like the extra? room they have in the Olympics and World Champs usually, it makes for a much harder time defending.

  35. BostonCreamDonut says:

    After this game Canada improved to 11 -? 3 – 3 all time vs the US Olympic team.

  36. BostonCreamDonut says:

    The rink was just fine, its the? size it was meant to be invented by Canada, not this massive soccer pitch ice surface you see in Europe.

  37. john petters says:

    u? suck

  38. habs4life41 says:

    lmao i dont think so buddy, we destroy? U.S.A in every position! Price, Smith and luongo for goalies there is no chance for the americans. and stamkos is going to destroy any American goalie, prob quick