Patrick Watson – Fireweed

Patrick Watson Canadian Fall Tour 2012: 11/14 – Victoria, BA @ Alix Goolden Hall – Tickets: 11/15 – Vancouver, BC @ Centre for the Performing Arts – Tickets: 12/6 – Toronto, ON @ Massey Hall – Tickets: Official video for “Fireweed” from Patrick Watson’s Wooden Arms (2009, Secret City Records). Directed by Patrick Watson. Produced by Opak Media, with support from VideoFACT. Buy on iTunes: http

13 Responses to “Patrick Watson – Fireweed”

  1. SHiTJuFro743 says:

    please just find? the nearest penis and slobber on it.

  2. Vesgua says:

    I can only give? you cookies. I’m sorry.

  3. SIRSIMSEY says:

    suck my left nut? kid.

  4. Vesgua says:

    Awesome! What? do you want? A cookie?

  5. schmeckensie says:

    hiya, I’m that? girl that unabashedly asked ‘so which of you is Patrick’ standing at your Folkfest trailer (it was post having a beer to celebrate not messing up with my violin earlier in the aft and it was just on the PSAC stage) your vid and music is awesome! (I biked around iceland once, it sure speaks a beautiful language)
    maybe meet again

  6. Ann M says:

    I? bought myself here too. As if by magic.

  7. Akash Kumar says:

    This is amazing, what is this genre called? Are there any other? bands that make music like this?

  8. ashley watson says:

    Found this by youtubing myself yeah!?

  9. ProfessorSangerman says:

    same haha?

  10. LaolaLoges says:

    This is one of the most? beautiful songs I heard in a loooong time!

  11. Jessica Steyn says:

    🙂 iceland? place of my dreams!!

  12. ProfessorSangerman says:

    @yoursmileisadrugable I did? to haha

  13. bluemakesgreen says:

    This was? this made in iceland, right? Amazing.