Paranoid Castle (Kirby Dominant & Factor) – “Orca” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

CLICK to BUY Paranoid Castle’s album Champagne Nightmares NOW on Fake Four Inc. VIDEO DIRECTED/FILMED/EDITED BY STUEY KUBRICK in Vancouver, BC Words by Kirby Dominant Beat by Factor Bass by Enver Hampton Kuts by The Gaff Bay Area emcee Kirby Dominant and Canadian producer Factor have both been at it for a decade plus, putting out consistent quality material on their respective fronts. In 2001 they found common ground, began recording together under the moniker Paranoid Castle and eventually released their debut collaboration One Way Ticket on Side Road Records in 2004. Kirby’s path to the fruits of the now was a bit bumpier than that of his contemporaries. By the age of 17 he had already been selling dope, locked up and shot. He was able to drastically shift gears and move forward at UC Berkeley, where he spent his financial aid checks on making an album. A string of successful releases on Rapitalism Records along with his Dominant Mammals collabo with Moka Only brought Kirby to the forefront of west coast indie rap and drew praise from the likes of URB Magazine and the San Francisco Guardian. Factor has produced full-lengths for a who’s who of underground talent ranging from Awol One to Moka Only to Gregory Pepper in addition to his own lush, melodic solo endeavors. His larger-than-life palette incorporates bone-shattering drums spliced with meticulous samples and live instrumentation. From the virtual obscurity of Saskatoon to sought-after super
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INSOMNIUM – Through The Shadows (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album “One For Sorrow”. Century Media 2011. Buy now at Itunes – Catch INSOMNIUM on their North American tour! • 10/23/2012 | Howard Theater — Washington, DC • 10/24/2012 | Kingdom – Richmond, VA • 10/25/2012 | Trocadero — Philadelphia, PA • 10/26/2012 | Irving Plaza — New York, NY • 10/27/2012 | Palladium — Worcester, MA • 10/28/2012 | Mavericks – Ottawa, ON, CANADA • 10/29/2012 | Imperial — Quebec City, QC – CANADA • 10/30/2012 | Metropolis — Montreal, QC – CANADA • 10/31/2012 | Opera House — Toronto, ON — CANADA • 11/01/2012 | Broadway Joe’s – Buffalo, NY • 11/02/2012 | Peabody’s — Cleveland, OH • 11/03/2012 | Altar Bar — Pittsburgh, PA • 11/04/2012 | Mojoe’s — Joliet, IL • 11/05/2012 | Station 4 — St. Paul, MN • 11/07/2012 | Bluebird Theater — Denver, CO • 11/08/2012 | Complex — Salt Lake City, UT • 11/10/2012 | Rickshaw Theater — Vancouver, BC — CANADA • 11/11/2012 | El Corazon – Seattle, WA • 11/12/2012 | Hawthorne Theater — Portland, OR • 11/14/2012 | Regency Ballroom — San Francisco, CA • 11/15/2012 | House of Blues — San Diego, CA • 11/16/2012 | House of Blues — Hollywood, CA • 11/17/2012 | Marquee Theater — Tempe, AZ • 11/19/2012 | Trees — Dallas, TX • 11/20/2012 | Scout Bar — Houston, TX • 11/21/2012 | Backstage Live — San Antonio, TX • 11/23/2012 | Headliners — Louisville, KY • 11/24/2012 | Soundstage — Baltimore, MD

30 Responses to “Paranoid Castle (Kirby Dominant & Factor) – “Orca” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO”

  1. barabus theGray says:

    Hopsin is not underrated.? He’s overrated if anything.

  2. Adrionizukasan says:


  3. cybersalad says:

    Dope track! We need a? new Kirb’n’Chris!

  4. echosoblivion1 says:

    this track is sick? as uck

  5. MrMono81 says:

    dude this is a beautiful piece of music.? much love kirby

  6. BlueCollarGangster says:

    Just put? this video and a piece about Kirby on my blog:

  7. BuddyRobStolz1 says:

    Really, I love this song, Kirby has been such a huge inspiration for me while growing up. My eardrums are blessed!?

  8. drswatman says:

    Factor, I’ve been pumping you guys up and showing this? album to everyone out here on the West Coast! You and Kirby are killing it! Keep ’em coming! Dope video too, Stuey!

  9. NaziCoons says:

    A Thousand Of? Those Views Are Mines From Today…

  10. settinitstraightmate says:

    fresh? ish maing

  11. MrMono81 says:

    it’s? a winner!

  12. RawBiznasProductions says:

    This? video takes so long to load. but its worth it

  13. kaltklax says:

    yeah,? cool!

  14. PeeGeeBeeDee says:

    You Just Found Out He Was? Gay And Were Startled And Disappointed. What A Let Down, Huh.

  15. Sanjarih Jamshed says:

    Only One Who Waits…….best? song in this album, period!!!

  16. peters83fav says:

    Melodic? Death FTW.

  17. Monstexitus says:

    You know? that the oldschool metal bands all had only clean vocals? You’re one ignorant piece of flesh, seeking for attention.

  18. Googs360 says:

    Saw these guys? last night. They played this song, and it was incredible live! They are some damn good musicians!

  19. joenah35738 says:

    Elise The Spider Queen: Alternate? Spotlight

  20. Jaysun1994 says:

    The only downside to headsets is? no headbanging

  21. mrgoodf50 says:

    nice playing and great song first time i hear this? band

  22. benson1ification says:

    Most of the people that have opinions about this song – more spesifically – have some sort of a problem with the vocals utilized in this song.. do not comprehend Insomnium AT ALL imho. Like saying clean vocals doesn’t belong in metal. Holy shit, that ignorance does not grow on trees..this song; instrumentally – flawless, lyrically – most epic. And I am not? saying that just because I’m a diehard fan of Insomnium, (which I am though haha ^^ )

  23. LEamaryllis says:

    I wonder if the people saying ‘true’ metal can’t have clean vocals are? just trolling, or actually being serious. Because it’s hard to wrap my head around how stupid you’d actually have to be to say something like that and be serious about it.

    Also, I didn’t discover Insomnium until a week or two ago, and they are already one of my favorite bands. Haven’t happened upon a bad song by them yet.

  24. MaxxisMundi says:

    ???, ??? ????, ????? 🙂

  25. Morarescu Ion says:

    Your Opinion ?


  26. 9dh4 says:


  27. XxMaRiNa4EvErxX says:


  28. IlCommentatoreOscuro says:

    clean? voice is used masterfully… why not

  29. matyviola says:

    spam yo ass?

  30. Le Spy says:

    Agreed,why? clean vocals. this is not power gay metal.