Pacific Central Station, Vancouver

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Pacific Central Station, Vancouver
Vancouver Canada
Image by Reg Natarajan

If I should fall to Earth
Vancouver Canada
Image by ecstaticist
If you follow my stream at all you know my predilection for aerial shots of Vancouver. This is my extreme Vancouver aerial shot.

21 Responses to “Pacific Central Station, Vancouver”

  1. Fearon-Wood Photography says:

    beautiful day for an aerial shot.

  2. @paulbVic says:

    Great shot! Have flown in and out of Vancouver many times, but, never seen it from this high up. Wonderful shot. Like your NY stuff as well. Going there myself at the end of the month for a photo Expo – hop to shoot a bit if I can find time. Have fun!!

  3. Peter Andersen says:

    Man that’s a lot of ants 😉

  4. [ blair stretch ] says:

    Seen in My Contact’s Photos

  5. L~A~U~R~A!! says:

    very nice capture, looks like a great view.

  6. DoRonRon:-)) says:

    Wonderful shot!!! The detail is stunning!!

  7. Panorama Paul says:

    Holy Moly man… viewing your aerial photographs always makes me wish that I had wings!

  8. Ben124. says:


  9. Fresnatic says:

    Simply spectacular view! I feel I am almost looking at a satellite view or Google Earth!

  10. borealnz says:

    Amazing view Evan!

  11. s0ulsurfing says:

    actually nice to zoom out like this, feels like i’m using the evan-earth app

  12. Mr.? says:


  13. Martin-James says:

    Very striking view, what a location!

  14. David Lev says:

    Please don’t!!!

  15. ... ? says:

    when I see Vancouver like this I can clearly see the pressure for growth from downtown towards Gastown and the scummy part along east hastings…

  16. ... ? says:

    lol, and False Creek, as nice as it is, would probably be worth filling in with sand and building more towers hahaha :p

  17. Matt Champlin says:

    nice, aerial shots are not easy – well done

  18. ngawangchodron says:

    Great shot!! Lots of freighters…

  19. Nancy Rose says:

    wow..just like google earth! I was so disappointed when we flew tovancouver in Sugust that I did not get a window seat from Calgary to Vancouver..missed these views!

  20. Matt Cawley says:

    Wow – this is a really nice shot.

  21. Mister Joe says:

    Wow…."as seen by Superman"

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