Owl City – Captains and Cruise Ships

Enjoy…….. I am stuck in LA through the week, and can’t get away And you’re alone on the pier in West Palm Beach on your holiday Stormy nights re-awake the stomachache that I’ve acquired From feeling down, things look grim and I’m so sick, of being tired Apartment lights go dark, and it’s depressing but what can I do? Midnight streets feel dead, when I am so used to driving with you Brighter lights fill the nights and bluer skies reflect in your eyes As I inspect and analyze all these dreams I don’t recognize If you’re still up when the ships in the port, prepare to set sail Comb the beach and put those blue flowers up in your ponytail Inside my head your voice is still resounding but what can I do? The empty rooms feel cold when I am so used to being with you Count the stars, watch the waves, absorb the summer sun and think of me When you explore hidden coves and tiny island chains throughout the sea Can you still hear my voice when I’m outside from over the phone? For what its worth darling dear, I wish you were here ’cause I feel alone When you were home, wed sing but since you’ve left I don’t hear anything And though I feel so sad I can’t believe things are really that bad Old captains and brand new cruise ships Sailing over the briny sea When I crash my beloved desk job And swim through the debris I’ll cut loose and leave this madhouse Bound for the Atlantic blue I’ll stroll down your tree-lined driveway And sail the ocean with you

23 Responses to “Owl City – Captains and Cruise Ships”

  1. ParadoxPerfection says:

    People can be tools? in a good way.

  2. Pwnurass197 says:

    It’s not nice to call people a tool. Especially Adam Young. I know what you mean but tool is an ugly word to call someone. “God’s Messenger” Has a nicer ring to it don’t? you agree? Since Adam’s songs always has that special message in it.

  3. ryanurchful says:

    Anymore comments based on god and I might just? shoot myself so I can meet him

  4. 50ChanceToWin says:

    Owl City is God’s tool.
    If you are trying to avoid God then Owl City’s songs are the wrong place to be.
    Adam Young makes some good songs though..? So enjoy them, its not as if I’m going to “curse” you or stop you from enjoying these masterpieces 🙂

  5. 50ChanceToWin says:

    Sorry this? was not what I was trying to say.
    I am not saying Adam is perfect or in anyway better than anyone else.
    (He is cool though! :D)
    Yet everyday and every moment we must strive to be perfect and try to do our best in all we do.. Strive to be perfect just as God calls us to be, even though we all know we can never be perfect in ourselves. Adam must strive to be his best and not fail us.. He is God’s image and thus he must reflect God – Strive to never give up or fail.
    Hope this helps 😉

  6. heytherebud7 says:

    0 dislikes.? thats because this song and owl city are totally amazing. ?

  7. XxcandisugarxX says:

    Owl City just has this? feel to it….i like it 🙂

  8. ilovevolcanoes97 says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No haters?

  9. OwlCityMP3 says:

    I’m stuck in LA so? I listen to OwlCity

  10. TheSaber2ooth says:

    that sir is foolish, God is perfect, Adam isn’t he will fail us in one way or another, so don’t say he shouldn’t fail us because God won’t. that’s a faulty assumption. I too am a christian and Adam is my role model? as well but we can’t expect him to be perfect.

  11. DreamCatcher537 says:


    Look, It was a nice thing? ((=

  12. serenekyogre says:

    pls,just stop this stuff? about god

  13. GamezAddict008 says:

    owl city makes? my day.

  14. PinkKittyPower says:

    if there would be a dislike, someone would have? turned his screen upside down to like again 😀

  15. pithosofpandora says:


  16. UltimatePuppyLover says:

    YAY NO DISLIKES!!!!! :D?

  17. pithosofpandora says:

    I <3? Owl City

  18. pithosofpandora says:

    Sigh Adam how do you? always sing about whatever i feel. :]

  19. Shaylie Jesienouski says:


  20. CaliforniaGurl13100 says:

    This is like my favorite Owl cIty video? comment ever! 😀

  21. pithosofpandora says:

    Experiment: sitting on? laptop listening Owl City .
    Owl City always brightens my day – literally current just returned . light !

  22. MeTr0MiNi says:

    This song is from the first album Of June,? not Ocean Eyes. lol Js.

  23. alanson112 says: