OTS: Sleigh RIDE* – A Harry Connick Jr. Cover

Oh, how I love you… nostalgia. Hoping you enjoy this fuNky little holiday tune, fam. Peace, love and lol. (Sorry about the camera lighting! I’m still fine tuning my new setup!) ———- GABE BONDOC LIVE! AN ACOUSTIC EXPERIENCE VANCOUVER, BC – 12/26/11 The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage gabebondoc.com SEATTLE, WA – 12 The Benaroya Hall gabebondoc.com Bring a friend, let’s all hang out! (There will absolutely be a “meet and greet”, I’m not leaving without meeting you awesome people. Let’s take a picture, yea?) ———- “The Loar” – LH600 Archtop Guitar… such an incredible look and sound. Please take a moment to check them out. I’m sure you’ll love ’em! – http ———- KoAloha Ukulele… beautiful, hand-made instruments! – koaloha.com ———- Need recording gear? Apogee Digital. Frankly, they’re the best. (Try the Duet, ONE and GiO!) Check them out! Click, click, click! – apogeedigital.com ———- Twitter! http Facebook! www.facebook.com Tumblr! gabebondoc.tumblr.com BigCartel! gabebondoc.bigcartel.com ———-
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25 Responses to “OTS: Sleigh RIDE* – A Harry Connick Jr. Cover”

  1. OscarZielke says:


  2. MrJerenade says:

    2:51 …and the PUMP EM? PAH KIN PIE. so much win

  3. BurterzZz says:

    Oh my god Gabe. I know you don’t do tutorials, but could you please please do a tutorial of this? I would love to learn to play it for my school’s Christmas Concert? 🙂 Thanks

  4. QualityJamTracks says:

    Geeeez….that was? good!

  5. jdhgoxf says:

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  6. welcometomimocity says:

    they are doing a lot of collabs for a long time (i guess) but not here? in youtube. :))

  7. Pioqueug000 says:

    Gabe makes it seem like? its snowing outside!
    Its June right now.

  8. suuya4395love says:

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  9. tomomi5425love says:

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  10. Wykiie De Vantae says:


  11. LennyFish95 says:

    Christmas in? May XD Loving it 😛 😀

  12. Iz69 says:

    written by somebody…a? long time ago! HAHAHA!

  13. BlaqBetteh says:


  14. awesomegno1 says:


  15. megabytez2 says:

    your? guitar playing inspires me much! gotta learn harder!

  16. ojloveslouisse says:

    the riffs, the chord changes, the singing, the arrangement. Dude, my respect for you is? beyond measure. You deserve the spotlight more than most artist out there today!! 🙁

  17. malolau says:

    hello , I make a cover of this great version on? my channel !!!!

    Great arrangement and fun to play !


  18. frederikjyllartist says:

    Hey folks! 😀 Just? putting myself out there.. Please take a look at my channel, and videos. I do covers, which people so far have been very positive about, and when time is right I will post some originals. Hope to see you there! Fred.

  19. kickers8888 says:

    you’ll make all the JAZZ greats, jazz? gods, really really a gazillion PROUD. 🙂

  20. bjmills123 says:

    what kind of mic is that?

  21. TheCrHisssss says:

    holy shit, your guitar skills are? just…omg<3

  22. joetheazl says:

    youve become famous enough. How come i? havent seen you duet with john mayer?!

  23. tinfold says:


  24. KingBunny93 says:

    damn, real mature. “well that doesn’t make sense lol i dont like you … youre butt hurt and you are dumb?” – JIZZZification … umm, you’re talking? shit about this guy? yeah, check yourself first buddy. You sound like you’re 8.

  25. MattGrouseMusic says:

    I like those quirky? chord inversions, You’re such a brilliant musician man!