Opeth “Burden” HD


The video edit for Opeth “Burden”. Directed by Lasse Hoile and shot in Vancouver Canada and Denmark (on a cold day). From the album “Watershed” – see more at www.opeth.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “Opeth “Burden” HD”

  1. ScratchThePitch says:

    I miss Per ._.?

  2. MrRockefaeller says:

    This? song is so great

  3. MariusG94 says:

    Best band next to? maudlin of the Well…

  4. prophetdisciple says:


  5. ropetha says:

    Why did they cut? out the part that gives me chills?!?!?

  6. trongs01 says:

    I forgot how much I used to love this? song.

  7. Tony Bricko says:

    Sickest keyboard? solo I’ve ever heard. 1:36

  8. SRVMETAL says:

    Love the? song, but hate the video, coz it cuts at THE BEST … FREAKING … PART IN THE SONG!!! ARGH!!! 🙁

  9. ikdsjOFFICIAL says:

    ever ?

  10. xMaideness666 says:

    This is healing? for me right now

  11. willidub1 says:

    Indeed but the whole song is the? best haha. even if my sentence doesnt make sense.

  12. TheGullmeister says:

    Love this band ! Most amazing ? ! Can’t wait to see them live for the first time with mastodon

  13. TheSamraatsingh says:

    darun!!! ?

  14. MrDarksbane says:

    NOOOO! It ends on the best? part of the song!!!

  15. marijaRosie94 says:

    love love love ?

  16. MrDen28 says:

    thumbs? up if you think that Opeth is the best metal band