Opening Ceremony – Complete Event – Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

See every second of the memorable opening ceremony at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
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21 Responses to “Opening Ceremony – Complete Event – Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games”

  1. mattmax11 says:

    Do? i hear jealously speaking

  2. password45671 says:

    Yes search? London2012. The whole ceremony is there with British commentary,

  3. TheQR02 says:

    Yeah, maybey the U.S. government and the country would have the same respect if the government were? not such dicks!

  4. TheQR02 says:

    Yes, South Africa. However there’s no snow there for? the winter olyimpics.

  5. mattmax11 says:

    im? glad you Concur

  6. TheQR02 says:

    I agree… AND I’M? FROM AMERICA!

  7. mattmax11 says:

    there just jealous Canada is? better and America is a shit country

  8. Roxixane456 says:

    Thanks! But I was also wondering for the complete sports? events too…

  9. Wedhro says:

    Check olympicceremony . org?

  10. Wedhro says:

    Check? olympicceremonyDOTorg

  11. Criplix4 says:

    Can’t wait for the 2014 Winter Olympics! Everyone will do their best. It doesn’t matter whether they win or lose,? it’s the participation that counts! 😉

  12. Roxixane456 says:

    D’accord! Mais on dit Londres, pas l’Ondre…

  13. Roxixane456 says:

    Does anybody know if London 2012 has a similar channel with the videos of the? complete events?

  14. KnightxxArrow says:

    Czech? Republic, Great Britain, Poland, United States and Canada had the best outfits!

  15. surfy24 says:


  16. CimarronTulip says:

    Actually, America did that and has done, many times.
    Canada? did do a very classy job! Kudos to a supreme nation! 🙂

  17. lAmCanad1an says:

    Not just that but at the start there is a mess up too… Looks like the singing? starts before Bryan even brings his microphone up… I always thought this looked a little to rehearsed and faked… Its okay cause K.D Lang brought it back with her singing!

  18. dolphincrazy14 says:

    Haha. You’re right! I didn’t catch? that one. It’s just unbelievable that singers do this at such big events…

  19. goosebumpsgirlgirly4 says:

    All the Americans look like good? looking lumberjacks 🙂 cute.


    So beautiful opening ceremony. The hot american energy. ?

  21. Leo Rowell says:

    @xzyeee to compare a ceremony with another is a good way to judge? London’s. Yes this is good but they’re good in different ways, so leave it at that.