Official Crazy 20 second Capoeira MMA Knock Out in HD Best Quality

Purchase the HD DVD of NAC #24 with this fight on it by contacting – is just Marcus “Lelo” Aurelio ( Professor Barraozinho ) of Axe Capoeira Vancouver knocks out Keegan “The Marshall” Marshall at North American Challenge #24 in North Vancouver, BC on April 4th 2009. Best… Knockout… EVER! Also this is the first meia lua KO in MMA history all in 20 seconds!! Check out http for more class information. Marcos Aurelio (Lelo) – Professor Barrãozinho was born in the city of Recife in the northeast of Brazil. He began Capoeira at the age of three with his father Mestre Barrão, whom he accompanied to his classes, Capoeira events and street rodas. Professor Barrãozinho’s passion for Capoeira has lead him to focus on nothing but his studies and his training. At the age of nine he moved to Canada with his parents where he continued to train and also began to perform in many shows, school demonstrations, and festivals in British Columbia Canada and abroad. Also, at that young age he had his first experience in a recording studio where he sang a track on the CD Axé Capoeira Vol. II. Since then he has had many achievements and successes, sung chorus and played instruments on all of Mestre Barrão’s subsequent albums and even sang another track on the most recent Vol. VI. He has performed on various films, TV shows and commercials, done motion capture for popular video games and helped his father to make an instructional video series for Panther Productions. In

20 Responses to “Official Crazy 20 second Capoeira MMA Knock Out in HD Best Quality”

  1. Spacebar721 says:

    Start of? fight 2:29

  2. DustinDeJohn says:

    Good kick, bad fight
    dude should’ve been taken down at 2:38 easily.
    Would be better to see a dominant wrestler against capoeira.
    This guy just stood there and took it ?

  3. hecubusXX says:

    This guy also trains in MMA, he’s not just Capoeira. Dude totally didn’t? expect the second flying roundhouse

  4. SenpuXrekkoha says:

    Them? kicks!

  5. DigThat32 says:

    That? was DOPE!

  6. xibataxit says:

    i’m brazillian, i respect capoeira, i’m a martial artist myself with traditional shotokan karate…i think it’s nice the guy giving his best efforts to implement capoeira into mma…but i? feel like, in this footage, he’s acting like crazy…essentially, he’s not being careful

  7. SuarezMiguel24 says:

    fight starts? 2:20

  8. Dtrollmancan says:

    were is? the next fight of this guy?

  9. ViViFred says:

    only one thing i just gotta say…..that dude seem like a noob
    just saying, he tried to defend the kicks like a school? kid instead of actually blocking

  10. UjioSatashi says:

    he? hit him perfectly behind the ear! 🙂

  11. warthug8 says:

    Funny how some have said that? capoeira is just for show…..and funny how some pro fighters have fallen to its Act!!!!

  12. WWistas says:

    capoeira e um lixo?

  13. ch9jermain says:

    dam? that was nice!

  14. rumpleforske says:

    Marcus has been to? our school demonstrating the Capoeira combat dancing! It was insane! During the Q&A we asked if they have ever used it in a fight and they directed us to this!

  15. MCCDEADMAN says:

    love the move and? her others wish i could see more of them ^_^

  16. xFOIZx says:

    this guy came? to my school <3 !

  17. wiithepeople2 says:

    yeah? it’s the spin scythe

  18. MCCDEADMAN says:

    spin sic isn’t? it ^_^

  19. wiithepeople2 says:

    If anyone ever played SF3 Third Strike,? you would know this.

    2:43 Look it’s Elena’s QCB + K

  20. fmlAllthetime says:

    EXACTLY? lol!