Odds-Eat My Brain

Odds-Eat My Brain from ” Good Weird Feeling”. A lot of fun to shoot…. featuring a great car chase with Junkhouse (Tom Wilson) and The Pursuit of Happiness ( Moe Berg). oddsmusic.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Taylor Lautner Ate Every 2 Hours for New Moon

Heart throb Taylor Lautner joins Ryan Seacrest in the Bing Box on the red carpet for “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” in Westwood, CA.

39 Responses to “Odds-Eat My Brain”

  1. KrazyKris78 says:

    For your info, I AM CANADIAN, YOU DUMBASS, born and raised, I LIVE IN B.C. ALL MY LIFE, so don’t tell me about offending Canadians, you bottom dweller. My quote? came from my second response, which was done in 2 parts. The “All the artist” bit was the first part of the second response. Why are so many people on here idiots? There should be an I.Q. test, that you have to pass, before being allowed to have opinions on here…. that would at least weed out the morons like you………..

  2. CaptRavenous says:

    Justify it however you want. Whatever helps you sleep better at night.
    “All artists, that release their art to the world…” isn’t even? a quote from your first response to me.
    Done talking to you. You obviously don’t care that you’ve offended Canadians. Typical American arrogance.

  3. KrazyKris78 says:

    Everyone has an opinion on here. And 100 people can read the same post and have a 100 diff views on it. The words would be the same, but there would be 100 diff interpretations of the same thing. So, it’s the person reading it, not the post. People pick and? choose what they want to attack from a post and disregard the rest. My first response to ur post “All artists, that release their art to the world…” pretty much explained everything, but you neglected that to fit your agenda…

  4. CaptRavenous says:

    You used these words to describe their success in Canada, and lack of success in America:
    “Totally sucks”
    I? read your post quite carefully, and strongly disagree with you.
    Perhaps it was you who used poor choices of words in your original post.

  5. KrazyKris78 says:

    … And you should read posts carefully and understand them before you reply. I never said that only America holds success. I said, that Can bands don’t experience the same success as they do. I’m sure the Odds were happy enjoying Can success, but I’m sure they wouldn’t of minded the same success as the Rolling Stones either. To say they wouldn’t, is retarded, because how do you know what they want or are thinking and who wouldn’t want money and fame IF? you’re in a band? that’s the whole point

  6. KrazyKris78 says:

    All artists, that release their art to the world, want it to reach as many people as possible. This could be called “success” to some people. You don’t want to come out with a song no one hears, or a painting no one sees. Or else, why release the art in the first place. All, I? was saying, and so far at least 10 people agree with,me is that Canadian artists don’t have the same success as American’s do. There are famous Can bands that have been out for 20 years and still just getting by….

  7. CaptRavenous says:

    You equate success with money & fame.
    Being a band isn’t about trying to be as rich? and famous as possible. Its not about how many fans you have.
    Its about sharing good music. Its an experience, not a destination.
    Just because a band doesn’t become famous in America, doesn’t mean they were not famous. There is nothing sad about not being famous in America. I’m sure the Odds were quite happy enjoying fame in Canada.
    I think it is sad that you think only America holds success.
    It doesn’t.

  8. kansaimagic says:

    I’m happy that you were enlightened KrazyKris. When you make a statement that a good band came out of Canada for some? reason you believe that YOU should get credit for it. Jingoism isn’t cool fool.

  9. KrazyKris78 says:

    your rant is halarious. Funny shit. Made me laugh, cuz it makes no sense and is so over-the-top-ridiculous,? it should be published in the monthly mental health magaizne under the Lunatics at Large section. I am not taking credit for their success, if u actually read my post, I am talking about the diff between Canadian music success and American Success. Cuz, there is a big diff. u r an angery, troubled person, who should seek mental help immediately. That is a free diagnosis. Be well. 🙂

  10. bakarocket says:

    Dude. You speak the Truth.

    The Odds are awesome regardless of their national origin. ?

  11. kansaimagic says:

    You Ignoramus Kris you are talking shit. Just because this great band HAPPENED to be from Canada gives you the right ( in your mind ) to take credit for thier success? What sucks is that you are a loser and can’t accept the fact that you won’t? recieve a penny from the Odds or Avril or Beiber or Dion. Carrey this thought.. F**K Natioanlism and all religions as well and go out there and get what YOU are worth instead of riding the imaginary tails of people that are successful.
    stunpals(dotcom )

  12. UKcanuck55 says:

    It’s? sad but true, and why Cancon exists.

  13. 2uconner says:

    i totally love you who ever you are and you r so right about the sells but if? I were an american I would be so famous too !

  14. Chris46546 says:

    Aha, found it! It didn’t help that? I started my search looking for ‘Feed My Brain’.

  15. wadmanlikesbeer1 says:

    God damn? right bro!

  16. KrazyKris78 says:

    If the Odds were an American band, they woulda sold 20 mill records and been 50 times more famous. sucks, hoe good Canadaian bands don’t get the same success. There are shitty one hit wonder bands from the states that sold millions of records and are rich, off one crappy song. Set for life. I heard Blue Rodeo inducted in CAN Hall of Fame.? They sold 3 mll records over their whole span of 25+ years. that’s it? Unfair. Totally sucks.. But keep the good music coming from CAN, we could use it!

  17. booshka91 says:

    oh wow he looks legen. . .wait for it. . .dary in a suit! yumm? (:

  18. Katecuttie223 says:

    @DaniShayNumber1Fan what a? liar -,-

  19. ameliainluvwithu275 says:

    seriously?? lucky!

  20. 27shazi says:

    He is such a down to earth? guy

  21. 3sixsex says:

    iguess for males, in order to use makeup have to be famous? an ordinary guy cant just laugh and say so??

  22. Andres Romero says:

    hahaha so??

  23. imoneysneedlez says:


  24. TwilightRockz1 says:

    Idk 😛 I heard he’s like 5,9 or somewhere between that range. Never seen him in real. So not sure. ?

  25. 3sixsex says:

    He’s wearing makeup? lol

  26. DaniShayNumber1Fan says:

    Taylor and my brother were karate partners when they were little! I met him before he was famous but i still had a crush on him and still do! When i met him, he like knocked me to the ground cause he ran into me. he? helped me up and hugged me cause he felt bad. LOL

  27. AngeliMaoaa287 says:


  28. VYIPROD says:

    I have to admit I have a? big crush on him. He is so cute >3 I’ve liked him since he was in the movie Shark boy & Lava Girl.

  29. monlokiana says:


  30. PurpleTheDog says:

    yeah, i know, but im comparing his 17 yr old self, to justin biebers 17 yr? old self. i know he isnt 17 anymore. but he was then (win this interview)

  31. agosmedia says:

    He’s? 19 now.

  32. PurpleTheDog says:

    hes seventeen. wow. justin bieber is? seventeen.
    wow. wow.

  33. caiteebug211 says:

    Did anyone but me hear the one girl in the back laughing sarcastically like Hahahaha not? like a normal laugh though she was literally saying hahaha lol

  34. emmajane030987 says:

    @mamaluigi01 I’d love 2date a american man lol I’m from England so don’t get 2lol…

    Rob is SEXYLISIOUS!!!!!!!?

  35. saiyasho16 says:

    how tall is he really ive heard? tht hes 5’8 5’10 wats the verdict

  36. mamaluigi01 says:

    yeah, so what,… he’s a beaner….if u? girls think he’s so hot the why don’t you date South Americans?

  37. mamaluigi01 says:

    that? was fast…

  38. xXDaphnee100Xx says:

    omgg taylor? lautnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr<3

  39. cutiechina12 says:

    not the? most yumm things lol