Occupy Vancouver Dance – Spandy Andy

I returned to Vancouver during the occupy movement and went to check it out. I couldn’t help but DANCE. I love my Nike shoes and my Lasonic boombox…

24 Responses to “Occupy Vancouver Dance – Spandy Andy”

  1. sanglaerken says:

    oh no! he’s got some moves indeed, but none of us mortals can do it! :(?

  2. michaelpavitt says:


  3. phatzach72 says:

    i tried to do the dances you? did and broke my leg

  4. twopearlsoaps says:

    :)- love? it andy.

  5. duuude907 says:

    A “coroperation” isn’t a thing, so I highly? doubt it.

  6. joul kasis says:

    i am in love? with this girl!

  7. fuzzypyro58 says:

    that mullet man is the most unimpressed person ive? ever seen

  8. shinybald36 says:

    he would of been a hit on? 80’s soultrainnnnnnnnnn, but really dude doesn’t need that outfit,he can dance

  9. j3r3myl says:


  10. z7ei1ekk1d1fktml says:

    He remind me? of Steve kardynal! 😀

  11. theDrunkPlayer0406 says:

    Lol, why you hating? on this dude?

  12. aussienerds says:

    Poor girl at 5:32, Spandy didn’t see her dancing. It’s alright girl, you’re more of a legend than the people that don’t dance. I know I would find it hard to? dance.

  13. jenni2sweet says:

    He moves so effortlessly! keep on party rockin? baby!

  14. likespaintball says:

    Good job. Bringing everyone together while keeping it TIGHT &? BRIGHT.

  15. mannynunes says:

    talk to me in 25 years. Lets see how much dancing you’ll be doing then. And dont be crying about health care that you wont be? able to afford and I will. Lets see how much dancing you’ll be doing then asshole. hahahahah Im laughing all the way to the bank.

  16. HarbringerOfDoom087 says:

    I. Want.? That. Boom Box!!!

  17. themurrey1 says:

    where’d you get your? boombox, I’m being shufflebot from LMFAO for halloween and I want one

  18. bellavistacreations says:

    Thankyou Andy you just brightened? my morning.

  19. CLittl says:


  20. celi0206 says:

    You are awesome!! i’m from? arg, I’d like someday see you dancing on the street.

  21. CrashNikonable says:

    you know i think it shows dedication to my course that every time i type this i have to type in a stupid lil code to prove im not just some computer bugging you about……. you? guest it TIGHT AND BRIGHT TATTOO!!!!

  22. therosiesoul says:

    You need to go to the US to a tea party protest! ?

  23. GagaCrazy17 says:

    So excellent.? I couldn’t stop smiling. What a great man.

  24. 00nicklock says:

    He should be part of LMFAO. Great fit?