Norwegian Star Cruise Ship Tour HD

Bon Voyage! This video was shot during a brief tour of the Norwegian Star cruise ship while it was in port in Tampa, Florida. All footage was shot with an Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 point-and-shoot camera. Highlights include: The atrium, shops, casino, buffet, restaurants, pool, hot tubs,…

19 Responses to “Norwegian Star Cruise Ship Tour HD”

  1. livinlovinlaughin100 says:

    i loved this ship! i wish i? was still on it!

  2. TrollifyThis says:

    I was? on this ship August 21st 2011, seattle-alaska

  3. rct12368 says:

    Is anyone going on? August 26th?

  4. Robert Bender says:

    the cruise on the star to bermuda is on july 8 i am going too i dont want u to go? to new york on the wrong day that would not be good

  5. Tbux Buxbaum says:

    goin? in 4 3 days

  6. Campsen says:

    me? too!

  7. livinlovinlaughin100 says:

    i’m sooo excited to go! this? boat looks soo nice! 🙂

  8. Campsen says:


  9. livinlovinlaughin100 says:

    me! 🙂 can’t wait!?

  10. Campsen says:

    anyone goin july? 1st?!?

  11. doe26449 says:

    Same cruise?? thats so cool. You arent the only one from youtube who is. lol

  12. Tbux Buxbaum says:


  13. doe26449 says:

    This is so cool. Im? going on a cruise on the star July 9th out of NY Harbor bound for a seven day cruise to bermuda. Lookin forward to it. Thanks for the preview!!!

  14. shadowninja8246 says:

    You’ll be? on my cruise

  15. AnnaRoseFoglerTV says:

    Best? cruise I’ve been on

  16. makeuplover428 says:

    washey? washey,hungrey hungrey, lmaooo! if u went on this cruise u would know what i meeen

  17. tiffaniluvsu0615 says:

    I was in tampa florida ridin the? star not to long ago ot was sooooo fun !!!

  18. makeuplover428 says:

    im? leavingg sundaay<3

  19. MrBanana1240 says:

    Going to? Bermuda on this in August!!! So excited