Norwegian Jewel Cruise Ship “Behind the Scenes” Tour – NYC to Bahamas Sailing

When I was planning our vacation, I tried to find a “behind the scenes” tour of some of the cruise ships to help me decide what cruise line and ship I wanted for vacation . I was not able to find any on Youtube that were realistic…all the one’s I saw were really professional and did not give a real idea of what the ship was like. So, I thought I would take a few minutes to make one on my vacation so others might get an understanding of the Norwegian Jewel. I am not a professsional fact, I am a complete amateur- so please bare with the choppy video and silly commentary as I did not do any editing or enhancements. If you want a simple, 13 minute tour of the Norgwegian Jewel cruise ship, then take a few minutes to watch as I take you from Deck 13 forward all the way to our small interior state room. This was taken on our Oct 2010 sailing out of NYC down to the Bahamas. Enjoy. Please be kind in your comments, as I realize this is not a high quality production, but I did my best 🙂
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  1. chee ong says:

    Thanks Dave! I just reference this? great video from my travel blog…

  2. DJBANG718 says:

    Thanks? for the video

  3. jayden8610 says:

    Great Video,? im thinking of cruising Jan21 2012, this video def made up my mind. Thank You.

  4. julispetshop says:

    thank you for taking the time to record this -? God Bless You

  5. mlogan177 says:

    im going for my first cruise on the jewel? any pointers

  6. MeZoFlexX says:

    i Went on here before? It was really Cool i went to the free buffet everyday

  7. GreatNorthern01 says:

    ohhh! i was on? that ship out in the distance, the monarch of the seas

  8. CHAINGANG54WL says:

    3 more days till departure… owww? owww

  9. amann75 says:

    Thanks? a lot for the video. We r leaving n a few weeks.

  10. Jpayo2690 says:

    I’m also going on this Cruise in two weeks. And I’m from NJ and I go to Rutgers as well. Thanks for the video!

  11. Laura22996 says:

    Very helpful, thanks! I’m going on the jewel july 2nd. Im also from NJ? 🙂 go RU! haha

  12. GarrettWiggles says:

    good? man.

  13. Sonors7 says:

    Nice job Dave! We are? going on our honeymoon and your video was very informative!
    Thanks again!

  14. MissPiggy22100 says:

    May 28th 2011! Can’t? wait!

  15. MissPiggy22100 says:

    I am also cruising this month! May? 28th!

  16. Josh DeCarlo says:

    going on this ship in just over 2 weeks, finally glad somebody posted a tour of the ship that didnt focus on the kids areas! me and my fiance took the spirit last year to bermuda from boston, looks like were going on this exact same cruise. jewel looks more? updated than the spirit, i cant wait! and thanks for devin mccourty, looking for another big year from him this year!

  17. NjAssAssin1 says:

    im from new? jersey 2 my sister went 2 penn state

  18. NjAssAssin1 says:

    im going in july 2011 thanx for? the tour

  19. CarrieSnelgrove says:

    Thanks for? the tour, we are going on in September!

  20. janique618 says:

    thanks so much for the tour, my family and alot of my church family are going on the jewel this year at the end of august for one week. Im so excited, I cant wait. It will be me? and my sons first cruise. My son is almost 2 years old, I cant wait to see how he reacts to a big huge ship with so much to see and do for a whole week. Im so excited!!!

  21. mmasakova says:

    went on? the same boat on december

  22. joergen1949 says:

    Enjoy? info. for travelling.

  23. xxval1965xx says:

    Thank you! Your video was awesome. We can’t? wait to take our cruise In July 2, 2011.

  24. MrSquidy7 says:

    don’t go on the cruise it cost a lot like 124 a day just to clean 1 bed the bill cost alot at the end even do? u dont waiste your money from your card. 1 person if he stays alone in one stateroom it will cost about 168