Norwegian Cruise Line 30-Second TV Commercial

Cruise Like a Norwegian – Norwegian Cruise Line’s new 30-second TV Commercial. Our popular track is available as a ringtone for Blackberry, iphone and Android phones. Download yours today at:

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30 Responses to “Norwegian Cruise Line 30-Second TV Commercial”

  1. 1997lambchops says:

    My thirty second workout song:)?

  2. 31MidnightSun says:

    Racist no, over stereotyped? a bit.

  3. analiserothberg says:

    i am getting on one today.? it better be as awesome as it looks.

  4. WeirdoWithABeirdo84 says:

    Drink like? a RUSSIAN

  5. Necrosalvation says:

    This cruise have nothing to? do with Norway…

  6. 2fast4uspartan says:

    too? bad all these cruise ships have problems, i really wanted to go this year.

  7. ghg789987 says:

    This? ***

  8. ghg789987 says:

    Umm? anybody else find thus rather racist…?

  9. The98pointeshoes says:

    I? murdered the replay button….

  10. microbrother says:

    The woman in the gold evening gown has a great future behind her! I played the? first 1.5 seconds over more than once LOL

  11. evy0579 says:

    NCL was our honeymoon cruise? line—33 years ago!

  12. eaharp says:

    I’d like to see more of that gorgeous? backside of the chick in the gold…..

  13. MrNorwegianEpic says:

    Jaa :D?

  14. MrNorwegianEpic says:

    Eg osso! :D?

  15. lauryneilken says:

    Good song and the guy coming out of the? water is not bad either.

  16. Maarrii94 says:

    Eg likar! <3?

  17. Superm4n103 says:

    Cruise? like a Norwegian!!

  18. Rick02809 says:

    OK, am I the only person that sees that the footage at the end of this commercial is running backwards? If you pay attention they flew from stern to bow while? filming, the waves in the commercial are crashing into the ship… FAIL

  19. MrDentalFloss1108 says:

    Sings “…and sink like the? Titanic!”

  20. gunnerfmaster99 says:

    thumbs up for? the nation of why not!! Royal Caribbean

  21. Alberto Batista says:

    When I saw the video was thinking this is too good to be true and Bummm at the end the KILLER question,wich is better? it depends what do you want in a cruise? fun,good food lot’s amenities and most important the BEST VALUE for your DOLLARS,CARNIVAL caters to much wider customers,their rooms are bigger,they offer a lot more for less,let’s not forget that theyve been in business since 1972 and just Carnival has 24 ships some? old and many new ones and much more to come,25% of this type of business

  22. Underdog2020USA says:

    I have been on both Carnival Cruise Lines which were some fun times! But I have also been on Royal Caribbean International cruise ships,large and small. I honestly have to say that Royal Caribbean has the upper hand. Royal Caribbean is much more in? many aspects. Carnival Cruise Lines is really nice but Royal Caribbean is better! NONE OF THEM SUCK!

  23. Agabriel2012movies says:

    royal caribbean? sucks!

  24. Agabriel2012movies says:


  25. sweetheart2109 says:

    I went on Liberty of the Seas in 2010 and I went on Carnival when I? was longer RCCL owns Carnival. RCCL KICKS ASS

  26. johnagro5648 says:

    royal owns carnival. carnival sucks and it is the worst cruise line. Their ships are dirty old battle ships and cargo ships transformed into cruise ships like the costa romantica for example which is? owned by carnival corp and plc

  27. mikeyfaust says:

    Serenade didn’t return till a week later. Just look it up, it’s a fact. It was reported on by a lot of news sources during Hurricane Irene. Just look for it on Cruise? Critic, Cruise Law News, Mikey’s Cruise Blog, etc.

  28. mikeyfaust says:

    Actually I have, Brilliance of the Seas,? 2005.

  29. 1501973734basketball says:

    How do u know Serenade didnt? come back

  30. 1501973734basketball says:

    obviously u have never been on a Royal Caibbean? Cruise.