North Vancouver Boys (Katy Perry – California Gurls Remix)

Parody of Katy Perry’s California Gurls depicting the lifestyle of young men in the region of British Columbia known as “North Vancouver.” Join HOODWINKED’s facebook fan page — DOWNLOAD mp3 – DOWNLOAD (Acapella) mp3 – UPDATE: CHECK OUT THE “NOTH VANCOUVER BOYZ” OFFICIAL FANPAGE — SUBSCRIBE TO HOODWINKEDfilms please! We have many more awesome videos upcoming!
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Watch more raw video from Global BC as riots break out in downtown Vancouver after the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup final. The score was 4-0.
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38 Responses to “North Vancouver Boys (Katy Perry – California Gurls Remix)”

  1. channelofrandomify says:

    This is? why I love living here!!!

  2. al c says:

    nice? comanche!

  3. MinecraftKitten5 says:

    your awsome? From Squamish!!!

  4. cydlys says:


  5. yojfksfnha says:

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  6. kajjgljl says:

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  7. skimalibunvdm says:

    this is great.

  8. Mackenzie0Lights says:

    I laugh at how true this is. Kids are still getting drunk in the cove. A girl got alcohol poisioning the other week yet coveys are still chucking? back that rasberry vodka.

  9. Mackenzie0Lights says:

    no? nessisarily waterfront houses in the cove yes but not everywhere

  10. Mackenzie0Lights says:

    this video is so true except for the mcdonalds part?

  11. Mackenzie0Lights says:

    oh and for the record only one went to seycove some went to windsor?

  12. Mackenzie0Lights says:

    wow? thats cold

  13. cool77ll says:

    im brown O_o?

  14. faythdimpz says:

    haha… watching? here in Manila… nice video!

  15. isadalkdasd says:

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  16. Supertrump16 says:

    shotgunning? pbr hahah

  17. hoodwinkedfilms says:

    Your mom sounds like a very smart? woman.

  18. MrFonyblony says:

    i sowed this to? my mom and her only response was “there like that because they went to seycove”

  19. 8remi3 says:

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  20. johnbarsby1 says:

    You guys are the best?

  21. ThePTricky says:

    I remember living in North Van. Best place? ever. This sorta sums up part of it. Nice to see there isn’t must change when you travel to the rest of bc…

  22. CaNyOnIsMe says:

    This shit pisses me off. People just ruining peoples hard earned work.?

  23. patthegrip says:

    These? people don’t want freedom. They want a baby sitter.

  24. 321dat says:

    this is? represent canada

    Good Job Canada

  25. stweweCENTRAL says:

    i miss this day…it was a lot of fun but i am talking about the atmosphere and not what happened to the stores that got looted ?

  26. BoscoHemi says:

    Some?????==== Thousands lol! Have you not seen all the video?? Now the rest of Canada needs send money to? rebuild it! Why? So you clowns can Wreck it again! Not vancouvers first rodeo and it wont be it’s last!!!!! ======== PATHETIC CITY!

  27. laxbrogotflow says:

    Typical Canadian? behavior

  28. CepaD says:

    this? looks fun

  29. balbin23 says:

    exactly dude ! brainwashing in Canada works great ! people there are like sheep? !

  30. balbin23 says:

    in Paris (France) or Athens ( Greece) everyday 10 cars are on fire hehehe and they are protesting? against politicians not because they lost some frigging stupid hockey game.

  31. PatzerKing says:

    ID their photos and send them to? jail.

  32. RC187killa18 says:

    Wow over a Hockey game and it’s was a stupid game too Damn? You NHL and America

  33. nelsland says:

    0:52 Tim Kwong, 29 years old from Burnaby, is being accused? by? people on the internet as the guy who lit the first vehicle on fire. It’s also reported he works at an electronics store in Burnaby.

  34. Phanndango says:

    Guy who lit the truck on fire? has been caught!!!

  35. Thoughtrobbed says:

    Nah the team that won had more? Canadians on it than there team.

  36. atabeel says:

    Please -? say that you registered only to type that? Did you?

  37. ohjena1986 says:

    This is ridiculous!

  38. MrVancitythug says:

    show us your real name and we wont? touch you dumbass