North Korea Cruise Lines mv Mangyongbong 92

newly established north korean cruise lines, was a kombination freight passenger vessel build 1992. North Korea touts sthe ships as “luxurious”, but see for yourself.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Visit for more from the Disney Fantasy! The Disney Fantasy cruise ship on Disney Cruise Line features the new AquaLab water play area, where Huey, Dewey, and Louie created the AquaDuck coaster. Guests interact with squirting jets, buckets of water, and plenty of other wet fun.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

11 Responses to “North Korea Cruise Lines mv Mangyongbong 92”

  1. Soulflytribe04 says:

    love british humour! Kim? Jong Ill the most benevolent leader EVA!

  2. simoninsingapore says:

    More? like a prison

  3. mmdoli1 says:

    As you can see, they are happy and satisfied.? (NOT!) North Korea seems to be paradise on Earth! (NOT!)

  4. MrGregorychant says:

    I bloody love the commentator’s sarcastic review of this fantastic? cruise tanker.

  5. mrbrococola says:

    goin? on that cruise this summer!!!!!! 🙂

  6. disneydiva33 says:

    it was so much fun on the maiden voyage i would tell everyone to? go on it

  7. PhilFeef says:

    how r there guests already doesn’t? it sail 2day?

  8. Darienbeagle says:

    very cool!

  9. marvelgirlmarvel says:

    It’s also sounds? really similar to Solfegietto

  10. browneyedgirl1973 says:

    Would? love to play in that!

  11. Quikosity says:

    Tropical? C.P.E. Bach. Nice.