Nice Vancouver Canada photos

Some cool Vancouver Canada images:

Vancouver City Hall
Vancouver Canada
Image by Stephen Rees
"Built in 1935 as a symbol of Vancouver’s growth, City Hall is a prime example of Moderne design. Its geometric silhouette, stylized bands of ornamentation, elegant light fixtures and orate lobby are characteristic of this style. The building is constructed of reinforced concrete clad with granite and sandstone. It is sited in a formal park-like landscape in what was Strathcona Park. This central location was selected following the amalgamation of Point Grey, Vancouver and South Vancouver in 1929. Architects: Townley and Matheson"

Celtic Festival – Vancouver BC Canada – March 12, 2005 109
Vancouver Canada
Image by kk+

Celtic Festival – Vancouver BC Canada – March 12, 2005 133
Vancouver Canada
Image by kk+

6 Responses to “Nice Vancouver Canada photos”

  1. foxylady's stardust (OFFLlNE, computer crashed) says:

    This lovely shot was seen in Historical and architectural gems, thank you for sharing.
    Group logo for Historical and archtectural gems

  2. Ianiv & Arieanna says:

    So ISO 3200 is not enough? Time to start carrying a tripod 🙂
    But it does look like the you could’ve used a faster shutter speed, the lights are a little overexposed.

  3. kk+ says:

    i think it was that wacky polarizer. it cuts out ALOT of light.

    i should get a light tripod tho. that fancy camera bag i carry has a spot for it. but tripods are hella expensive!

    i still think the colors in this shot are pretty cool. did you post one like this?

  4. © Tatiana Cardeal says:

    is that fashion there?

  5. kk+ says:

    not really, only in the dungeons & dragon crowd, and scotish highland games crowd. 😛 though, they have been getting more popular lately and i’ve heard of many scottish-canadian and irish-canadian guys wearing kilts to their weddings.