Nice Vancouver Canada photos

Some cool Vancouver Canada images:

Me and Bill Gibson, Vancouver BC 2
Vancouver Canada
Image by gruntzooki

Aveda Eco Fashion Week – Day 3 – Feb 25 11 – Myriam Laroche
Vancouver Canada
Image by Jason Hargrove
Art Documentary photos from Aveda Eco Fashion Week – Day 3 – at Vancouver Salt Building in Olympic Village, Vancouver, Canada. February 25, 2011.

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All EFW photos are Creative Commons (cc) Attribution, though I do not represent any people, brands, or intellectual properties depicted. Please be respectful of the subjects.

Please credit "Jason Hargrove" and link back to the Flickr photo.

Sea Otter @ Vancouver Aquarium
Vancouver Canada
Image by footloosiety
Pretty cute – fuzzy b/c it was through glass

14 Responses to “Nice Vancouver Canada photos”

  1. Michael Hainsworth says:

    Wow, man, not to "mark-out" or anything but that must be so cool for you to know this guy.

  2. gruntzooki says:

    It sure is!

  3. _ado says:

    I wouldn’t be standing next to him, I’d be tying his shoelaces!

  4. stretchdog says:

    I agree with kungfootv.
    I’d be a total fanboy!

  5. c0nn0r says:

    Canadians represent!

  6. fischziege says:

    man, i would give my right testicle to be in your place on this foto…

  7. Tomas says:

    nice jackets

  8. Shky says:

    I would beg (/threaten to knife him) until he gave me a copy of Spook Country.

  9. doggo says:

    Say, isn’t that a Buzz Rickson? Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!

  10. Jason Hargrove says:

    ???????? ???????? ???????? ? ? 2011

  11. Dougson says:

    The soft focus looks good. It’s almost an Orton effect.

  12. kennymatic says:

    Great portrait, just like the pros.

  13. footloosiety says:

    thanks guys!

  14. Jen44 says:

    Very cute — he looks like he’s praying! :o)