Nice Vancouver British Columbia photos

Check out these Vancouver British Columbia images:

“someplace special”
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by xxxtoff

7 Responses to “Nice Vancouver British Columbia photos”

  1. Commonorgarden says:

    I wonder how many of these LOVE sculptures there are around? – I have seen one in New York, I know – I am sure there is a website – or maybe a flickr group??
    The World Through My Eyes

  2. melon vacation says:

    I recently moved to Philadelphia, dubbed The City of Brotherly Love. Downtown in Center City there is a LOVE park where this sculpture has resided since the 70s (I am pretty sure this is the original). I have been wanting to capture it myself but here is a link back to someone on my Philly Flickr group with a picture of it. Here’s another interesting application of it in Philly.

  3. scatterheart says:

    i have a postcard with the same ‘LOVE’ on it!

  4. Toto Dogo says:

    dont forget to make that face when you say "someplace special"
    love you babe

  5. _Niah says:

    so cool!


  6. # - * - + P A T T Y + - * - # says:

    love is the rule!
    😉 fantastic

  7. ginamccaleb says:

    ha! perfect for this group:
    Picture 7
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo.