Nice Vancouver BC photos

Check out these Vancouver BC images:

PORTAL ~ METRO vancouver
Vancouver BC
Image by striatic

i’ll be adding more sub-maps soon .. feel free to add your own vancouver imagery in the meantime. you do this by adding notes with [photo]flickrimageID[/photo] included, where the image ID is the one found in your photo’s page URL.

image generated using KeyHole, google’s great new satellite imagery browser.

Along the Waterfront, Strathcona to downtown, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver BC
Image by lacafferata

2 Responses to “Nice Vancouver BC photos”

  1. Vanita says:

    I think I can just see you out there on the peninsula…

    These are interesting in concept, and maps in general are beautiful.

  2. striatic says:

    well, this is just for my vacaion photos .. i won’t be adding more images to this, but hopefully some lotuslanders do ~ or start their own map that i can add to.

    the toronto map should be seeing a lot more of me than this map.