Nice Vancouver BC photos

Check out these Vancouver BC images:

Clock Tower, Vancouver Block
Vancouver BC
Image by fotoeins
Southeast on Alberni St., Vancouver, BC, Canada – 1911h PDT, 2010 May 3

The out-of-focus "structures" to the upper- and lower-right are from the overhang of the building on the south side of Alberni Street (Brooks Brothers?). I chose to include the darkened shapes to test how they would contrast against the rest of the illuminated frame.

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See where this picture was taken. [?]

panago street sign
Vancouver BC
Image by Geoff Peters 604

WM 2002 North Vancouver BC 2006_0805
Vancouver BC
Image by Stephen Rees
The "dome" cars (their term, not mine) seem to be new builds. I would guess from Colorado Railcar

6 Responses to “Nice Vancouver BC photos”

  1. ? Sabrina Dacos ? says:

    turned out excellent, very well composed

  2. fotoeins says:

    Thanks, @Sabrina!

  3. Marda_Miller says:

    I recognize this clock! I love the lines in this picture.

  4. fotoeins says:

    Thanks, @Marda!

  5. Vadiroma says:

    Agree about composition, nice colours.

  6. pacificcoastshay says:

    No, CRM didn’t do the rebuilds on these. They were done by Industrial Rail Service in Moncton, NB.