Nice Vancouver BC photos

Check out these Vancouver BC images:

Sunset Over the City
Vancouver BC
Image by p.m.graham
Sunset towards Vancouver, BC as seen from Grouse Mountain. The piece of land in the middle of the picture is home to the University of British Columbia. The mountains in the background are on Vancouver Island.

Olympic Cauldron
Vancouver BC
Image by Michael Kalus
View on black

Olympic Cauldron, shot on (expired) Fuji Sensia 400, developed in Kodak E6 kit.

Urban Pasture Parklet on Robson 3
Vancouver BC
Image by Paul Krueger

23 Responses to “Nice Vancouver BC photos”

  1. Alanna@VanIsle says:

    Fantastic photo!

  2. mountainhiker says:

    Wow, this is a beautiful sunshine silhouette shot taken from Grouse Mountain.

  3. mauroPPP says:

    very nice!

  4. adams apple says:

    This is so paint on velvet!

  5. Carlamercury says:

    lovely colours 8/10

  6. mastervoo says:

    Awesome photo. Lovely colours.
    Rated a 9/10 at the ratings group

  7. photojennic says:

    Amazing colours. Great photo.
    Rated a 9/10 at the ratings group.

  8. amishsteve says:

    Beauty, eh?

  9. koduckgirl says:

    like most have said really great color and I like the city skyline at the bottom…

    from 1on1

  10. Tut99 (Roger) says:

    Beautiful color! (1-2-3 Nature)

  11. Gary* says:

    very nice colour and composition (123nature)

  12. avdgaag says:

    An amazing view captued brilliantly. Good work (123nature)

  13. p.m.graham says:

    thanks for all the great comments everyone! this was one of those "right time right place" kind of photos

  14. camden hackworth says:

    Very nice.

    Rated 18/20 (by the Rate My: Nature group)

  15. Micke-fi says:

    Very nice! Sharp silouette and great colors.
    (1-2-3 Nature)

  16. starbeard says:

    Gorgeous photo – Grouse mountain has great views, but this is super. 🙂

  17. bleuet / Anne-Marie says:

    Very beautiful shot. I love the contrast between the warm orange color and the black silhouettes.

  18. Ontario Wanderer says:

    Rated 20/20 (by the Rate My: Nature group)
    I’m not crazy about rating anything 100%, but I can’t think of any way you could have made this better.

  19. Jaffa2004 (moving to new account) PM for info says:

    Rated 19/20 (by the Rate My: Nature group)

  20. CountryDreaming says:

    Congratulations on capturing such a magnificent scene. 🙂

  21. gardawind says:

    Rated _19/20 (by the Rate My: Nature group)

    nice shot….

  22. sikego says:

    great shot ,nicely framed,great contrast

  23. radiant star says:

    beautiful colors! tag1