Nice Vancouver BC photos

Some cool Vancouver BC images:

Sunset July 7, 2013
Vancouver BC
Image by blazzzinred [vancityhotshots]
Downtown | Vancouver | Canada

What does this sign mean?
Vancouver BC
Image by qousqous
Seen on the Cypress bike route, Vancouver, BC

4 Responses to “Nice Vancouver BC photos”

  1. Ryan Forsythe says:

    (see my note) Maybe that’s concrete in the street ahead, and it gets slick in the rain.

  2. qousqous says:

    The road surface may very well change there. It does do similar things at some similar traffic calming implements, but not at all of them.

  3. H110Hawk says:

    Looks more like the sun is just hitting it, and not the rest. Check out the shade line on the houses.

  4. Luton says:

    I’m pretty sure the sign means slippery when wet and the note is at a sign indicating a traffic island that is blocking through vehicle movements but allows bicycles through.