Nice Vancouver BC photos

Some cool Vancouver BC images:

Seaspan Crusader Vancouver 2007_1116
Vancouver BC
Image by Stephen Rees

Vancouver Sunset
Vancouver BC
Image by Michael Kalus

8 Responses to “Nice Vancouver BC photos”

  1. kerri.o says:

    Interesting boat – did you get any close ups?

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  2. Stephen Rees says:

    This is as close as I could get – and is cropped from an image using a 8.3x zoom

    There is something very appealing about tug boats

  3. Kurt Preissler says:

    Nice shot! Would you like to join my new group?

  4. Kurt Preissler says:

    Great Shot!! Thanks for adding this photo to: Workboats and Tugboats.

  5. blablablablablablalblablbabla says:

    nice 🙂

    You’re invited to post your photo in our group

    Show us your best

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  6. Michael H Wright says:

    The good old (not so old in BC tug terms) Crusader.
    Now a ‘parts tug’.

  7. Harris Hui (in search of light) says:

    Beautiful sunset sky! Michael
    Happy Monday and great week ahead!

  8. Tanja K. says:

    Good Morning from good old Germany 😉