Nice Vancouver BC photos

A few nice Vancouver BC images I found:

Andean INRI Sculpture – Museum of Anthropology, UBC – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver BC
Image by Adam Jones, Ph.D.

Downtown Vancouver Panorama
Vancouver BC
Image by s.yume
A full panoramic view of the beautiful Downtown Core of Vancouver, BC, in all of its glory. Taken on a beautiful Summers day from the seawall in Stanley Park near the Brockton Oval Cricket Pitch. Please view the original size for best detail!

Translink 2867 Vancouver BC 2008_0415
Vancouver BC
Image by Stephen Rees
New Flyer E901 now (April 19, 2008) all taken out of service and many sold to Argentina

13 Responses to “Nice Vancouver BC photos”

  1. CameliaTWU says:

    Admired in ‘Your Museum Images’.

  2. Witty nickname says:

    Excellent pano of an awesome skyline. Well done.

  3. s.yume says:

    Thanks 🙂

  4. rcousine says:

    What vintage are they? Does CMBC have enough of the new buses in or on order to replace these?

    The durability of the electric trolleys means they have very high service lives.

  5. Stephen Rees says:

    They were introduced into service in 1982-3. The replacement fleet was smaller than the existing fleet due to the reduction of trolley service expected as a result of the Canada Line (i.e. no trolleys on the #15), but recently another 20 articluated etbs have been ordered for delivery in 2009

    While the electrical components can last a long while, most of the bodies are well beyond their design life, and show it. There has also been a significant improvement in electronic control technology in recent years.

  6. one42chrisp says:

    These buses are pretty much stone-age when compared to the new ones. I can almost imagine Fred and Barney in there 😉

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  7. Stephen Rees says:

    You mean the "no floor" variant

  8. one42chrisp says:

    That’s the one 😉

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  9. VanKeefer says:

    You’ve probably come across this by now–

  10. one42chrisp says:

    VanKeefer: So yesterday was it!

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  11. Stephen Rees says:

    Keith – no I didn’t! I am glad I got a few in their last days anyway.

    "Regular operation of the 1982-1984 built Flyer E901A/902 trolley coaches ceased shortly after midnight on Saturday April 19 2008."

  12. steqwan says:

    This is da REAL kind of Flyer, Im so sick of New Flyers D40LFs, my City Chicago has so many of over 1000 New Flyers includes orders from 2006-Current. Plus 60 1995 D40LFs which will retiring next year. U.S. sucks for retiring buses so early in bus age like 12-15.

  13. Stephen Rees says:

    It may "suck" for bus enthusiasts, but it means newer buses for users and lower maintenance costs for operators. The US FTA changed the rules a while ago now from 18 years when these were built to 12 years now for funds for replacement buses. At least the US has a federal transit program. He it is a simple political decision – now and again, when we think that there is a political advantage to be gained by an announcement. No operational funding at all, but the odd capital grant to no discernible pattern or policy document.