Nice Vancouver BC photos

Some cool Vancouver BC images:

Occupy Vancouver — Day 15, 2011
Vancouver BC
Image by mutrock
Sculpture in the now emptied and damaged fountain in the middle of the occupy Vancouver encampment.

Broadway Reclaimed
Vancouver BC
Image by ItzaFineDay
On the last Friday of every month, bicyclists gather for Critical Mass: to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists’ right to the road.

The June Critical Mass in Vancouver, BC, Canada is normally the largest ride, pulling thousands of riders and temporarily shutting down vehicular traffic in large swathes of the city. The June 2007 ride shutdown Lion’s Gate bridge for 30 minutes and the Stanley Park Causeway that leads to it for 60 minutes.

4 Responses to “Nice Vancouver BC photos”

  1. gnahct says:

    This picture is amazing. I’ve been trying to capture one like this since I joined the mass, but haven’t been successful. I like the way it’s framed with the traffic lights and that the lights show green.

  2. ItzaFineDay says:

    Thank you!

    That picture was one of about a dozen I attempted near that location. Getting one that worked was surprisingly difficult with cyclists and trucks popping into the foreground or slightly wrong angles. A high vantage point seems to be the ingredient… but its hard to find one when you’re on a bicycle, frantically fiddling with camera gear.

    I was lucky enough to be in Vancouver for this Mass – compared to Calgary’s, its eye-popping. Pedalling to the front to get a good spot for pictures and then pedalling back to the front again after they passed was quite a bit more of a workout than a critical mass with 50 riders. : )

  3. gnahct says:

    Your picture made me wonder what downtown would look like without all of those street signs and lights. I came across this picture and the caption reminded me of yours. Quite a contrast.

  4. ItzaFineDay says:

    Wow! I believe it was a town in Germany or Denmark that eliminated almost all signage – including stop signs and the like – and discovered that they were able to function quite well without them.

    There’s also Sao Paolo where the banned outdoor advertising and signage of most kinds. What a difference.