NCIX Vancouver 2 Brand New Location Pre-Opening Tour NCIX Tech Tips

This is our finest store yet! Including a completely re-vamped PC section that showcases the best NCIX PCs. Go on a virtual tour with me to prepare yourself for the epic deals coming on Saturday!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “NCIX Vancouver 2 Brand New Location Pre-Opening Tour NCIX Tech Tips”

  1. DTProductReviews says:

    @ncixcom Can I? work at any of your Ncix stores linus?
    Maybe in 10 years?

  2. SavvyArts says:

    I’m happy and mad there is nothing like that near me… I’m happy that I? won’t go crazy and splurge money, but I’m mad that nothing like this is near me.

  3. TheMastercheif1598 says:

    Wish? there was a ncix store in new brunswick

  4. jez205 says:

    :O I was here a few days? ago

  5. mrshahkecoh says:

    Does NCIX ship? to Malaysia? The price of PC stuff in malaysia is ridiculous. $300 can go up to RM1500. Stupid shipping tax here.

  6. bvestationfan says:

    closest thing? is Fry’s (west coast only) and MicroCenter

  7. HarshaRaja85 says:

    Haha, the phantom is conveniently camouflaged 5:18?

  8. MrSouthvalley says:

    I? live in Texas planning on going here so u can help me with what I want u got really good and awesome stuff

  9. jakesnake237 says:

    i wish i had an awesome pc store like that where i live, instead of tractor? stores and meth labs πŸ˜› that’s east tennessee for ya

  10. D3M0NGR says:

    lol? i was thinking the exact same thing but to? be fair Linus went through a massive amount of components and prob just missed it, its also my case πŸ˜€

  11. plzknock76 says:

    lol watch the transcript

  12. N11Ckk123472 says:

    He didn’t mention the Zalman Z9 Plus case on the shelf O:

  13. N11Ckk123472 says:

    They have a US online store, but I think NCIX is? a Canadian company.

  14. N11Ckk123472 says:

    Nerd? Porn Store

  15. MrNaididae says:

    WTB a store like? this in Brazil

  16. McAwesome363 says:

    are there any ncix stores in? the u.s?

  17. xXLimeFireXx says:

    How dare you film? this video on the day Skyrim came out!!!!!

  18. M'zar Karun says:

    hey bring ncix to Quebec,La beauce ahahahahahahahah no? but you guys need to go to europe aswell

  19. xerxes278 says:

    why isnΒ΄t something like this in germany? πŸ™

  20. DaftHash says:

    I’ve been? there…. I love that store.

  21. bvestationfan says:

    We got Microcenters out in Long Island and Yonkers. However, me living in NYC I’m too lazy to? go out that far πŸ˜›