Nardwuar vs. Yelawolf

Nardwuar interviews Yelawolf at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
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we, in vancouver bc, were treated to a wonderful couple of days of amazing music with #thevoice #lindseypavao, #valerieorthband, #oliviadelacruz and the amazing #manamaddy! olivia de la cruz, sugar and salt…really this is an amazing song! when you hear a riff that sticks in your head, a resonance that etches into you heart. wow. this is olivia de la cruz. oh my, what a voice. much love to you miz de la cruz, you rock! your beat makes me roll. a wave..that beat how do you do that! lol. we were in the chai restaurant in vancouver bc. this was a benefit for the east vancouver women’s shelter. please donate to their charity…
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15 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Yelawolf”

  1. 1ghostzombie says:

    haha? i love nard and wolf

  2. Everett gray says:

    tupac is gone?

  3. anthonya5150 says:

    Nardwaur? vs Tupac

  4. doubletappinjiff says:

    @NardwuarServiette vs dave mathews OR the Tupac hologram?

  5. SeanDean576 says:

    Nardwua is just awesome all the time. Big up the King? of interviews

  6. kimberly townsend says:

    sandusky, what the hell you talking? about?

  7. MzGBaby1222 says:

    Nardwuar vs THE WEEKND?

  8. RileyBiller says:

    i high fived him at a show when he jumped off stage!?

  9. sickofitall915 says:

    That shirt and the sweatshirt I want? them

  10. jNg877 says:

    nardwuar vs hopsin meek mill pusha? t joe budden cheif keef or the boy from my hometown sandusky oh sean mcgee

  11. jNg877 says:

    the halogram?

  12. Taylor Gang says:

    good one?

  13. MistaGeeFunk says:

    Nardwuar is a? legend interviewer! He’s even interviewed James Brown.. If you gets interviewed by Nardwuar, then you’ve made it.

  14. Jet Sanchez says:

    damn? , he wanted the eminem doll lmao .

  15. ToTheTop555 says:

    nardwuar vs Bob! or T.I?