Nardwuar vs. Two Door Cinema Club

Nardwuar interviews Two Door Cinema Club in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

10 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Two Door Cinema Club”

  1. tashalmighty says:

    hilarious? how stunned they are in this interview and good lord this interviewer is so excitable!

  2. Zakuma101 says:

    There that term being thrown around. I dont? think you know what that term means.

  3. TheKeepo14 says:

    why would they be? hipsters?

  4. TheKeepo14 says:

    ummm why is that????

  5. Ricardo Interiano says:

    i like tits too? .__.

  6. FringifiedWhovian says:

    This is like the best tdcc interview? ever! Its hilarious and awesome! Whys everybody freaking out in comments?

  7. valoriediamondheart1 says:

    lol sam? and alex at 2:56 – 2:58 HAHAH ……AWKWARD!

  8. Charlotte Briscoe says:

    That was the most awkward Two door interview ever.I felt like cringing.

  9. tuxy56 says:

    “Fur-gal”? Sharkey

  10. passthebiscuitspleas says:

    Damn hipsters?