Nardwuar vs. Trash Talk

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34 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Trash Talk”

  1. DopestOut says:

    casual joint behind his? ear

  2. Carlos Herrera says:

    Everyone in this video seemed awkward to me haha. Good to see sole Sac talent? though.

  3. lingo929 says:

    rolled? zoot behind is ear? i think so…

  4. ItsMikeontheMic says:

    lol I’m wearing jeans and a beanie. What’s wrong with that??

  5. TheSprazie says:

    Look at? your profile pic. I’m done

  6. DLAY81 says:

    drinking #cariboo (y)

  7. ItsMikeontheMic says:

    Well they got signed to OF records so obviously they’re going to listen them.

    You’re being the hipster here?

  8. Jack Golightly says:


  9. kidshady45 says:

    LOL at Lee sneaking out of frame? at the end.

  10. robincore says:

    Dig that sweet Kromosom shirt?

  11. Durgy NG says:

    nardwuar only associates with talent, not often trash?

  12. drumtravelfun says:

    Nardwuar? vs Charles Manson…actually nevermind.

  13. rogahiznumba1 says:

    I found out about this band bcuz of odd future, ive listened to bands like your? demise styg tgi and many others. To call ppl bandwagon is retarted.

  14. Mike Danger says:

    I agree, Trash Talk are one of most important and prominent Hardcore Punk bands of this century, you can’t claim to listen to the genre for years and only? just hear of them.

  15. Josef Alfonso says:

    You’re an idiot. You haven’t? been into this type of music, if you haven’t heard of TT before OF… Newjack.

  16. HeGivesSaIvation says:

    The end of the world is not in 2012, but JESUS CHRIST will come, that’s? for sure ! Start a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved

  17. MegaTimebomb098 says:

    you should be glad odd future got them more? popular by posting the music video on there official channel, stupid hipster. i wouldn’t have found this awsome band without odd future posting there music video. i have been into this kind of music for years so whatever.

  18. ac92ca says:

    Second? to the right dude… that guy is rolling balls

  19. julian123411 says:

    trash? talk act like they are to cool for nardwuar…not cool man

  20. pigsquealingcore says:

    hahaha, that was? akward

  21. msamy10108 says:

    Play league of legends? cheng

  22. FostersLP says:

    suscribe to:? ti roid

  23. Neko Wolffe says:

    i couldnt stop staring at the door after I? saw it open at 7:29 > <'

  24. xxOfficialEpicBlogxx says:


  25. Keisha Matthews says:

    already? did

  26. iLoveNoooodles says:

    i? love your facial expressions LOLOL xD

  27. OneNOnlyLaRock says:

    How could you forget about slendy if u were going out lol id be watching behind my back each? time i left a different club in van man lol

  28. DCboy1567 says:

    haha chengman is awesome met? him 🙂

  29. jekenkermoeder says:

    2:28? LMAO

  30. Windxsinger says:

    I saw your door open and almost fell out of my? chair

  31. AdvancedPwner says:

    Hey I just met you… And this is crazy!
    I’m in a forest… CAN’T PHASE ME? SLENDY!

  32. harjog jagpal says:

    i played the game and i? got 5 notes

  33. TheViolentcreeper says:

    9:15? Chenghorse 😛

  34. tommyku63 says:

    go camping and think? of slender lol