Nardwuar vs. Tom Morello – The Extended Version

Nardwuar vs. Tom Morello - The Extended Version

Nardwuar interviews Tom Morello at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver , BC , Canada !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

10 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Tom Morello – The Extended Version”

  1. tchimmerroks says:

    Stellar? interview, both giving and receiving, WELL DONE!

  2. underclas says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Tom Morello sounds like Seth McFarlane?

  3. Zeus Chirinos says:


  4. antwan700 says:

    There? have been quite a few politicians who were formerly entertainers.

  5. AmericanBadass44 says:

    I’m? just kidding, to each his own.

  6. samjam306 says:

    >:T no? u

  7. AmericanBadass44 says:

    He’d lose?

  8. Matthias Carrigan says:

    The rockers are often arrogant and rude to nardwuar, while the hip? hop guys seem way more appreciative of his knowledge.

  9. gertrude bartholomew says:

    i filled my obama cup? with shit…

  10. attributionerr says:

    I miss rage. I miss that aggressive sound, great to work out to. ?