Nardwuar vs. The Horrors

Nardwuar interviews The Horrors backstage at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC, Canada ! For the whole unedited interview mp3 check out
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. The Horrors”

  1. ImTheGrindermanIAm says:

    Rhys Webb is? so uncool he’s cool.

  2. belletdancer9977 says:

    oh god? Faris’ face at 4:47 is priceless

  3. ListenLisse says:

    It’s? lucky Faris became a rock star because he doesn’t belong in the 9-5 world just like Joey Ramone..

  4. ZeldaFoxEars says:

    Cant? believe this guy is still interviewing these days.

  5. forgotaboutmoly says:

    every freaking? time!

  6. MrGmd1996 says:

    The interviewer? is nuts.

  7. DBDGamingOrg says:

    its so funny how faris looks confused? half of the time

  8. GuinTheKimmiDoll says:


  9. 83RockaRolla says:

    IMHO Rhys Webb sounds a lot better than Spider Webb, maybe because I always have to think of Bad News (a fictitious heavy metal band from two episodes of “The Comic? Strip presents” which also released an album in the 80s), their drummer’s name is Spider Webb.

  10. kendallxcasablancas says:

    even if this is an act nardwuar is an annoying obnoxious assole, but i do have? to give him that he keeps the interviews intersting

  11. eddy67 says:

    its a character he puts on. it usually brings out personality traits in the interviewee that aren’t often? seen in a conventional interview. you can tell a lot about these people depending on how they react to nardwuar’s obnoxiousness/weirdness

  12. dstyvska says:

    this nardwuar guy is annoying as hell

    rhys and faris? are adorable

  13. tomkaulitzfan2xX says:

    ALWAYS happens…?

  14. ThisFuelCalledLove says:

    “However it? is hard to kinda figure out, who are The Horrors? Like i’ve been confused, like who are The Horrors?”
    -“Well, we are the Horrors..”

  15. electricpub says:

    Rhys.? (:

  16. infatuatedkayley says:

    Ohh lol Then i’m certainly glad? i’m British!

  17. Gigimolly11 says:

    If i was either Rhys or Faris there? i’d be like ‘Wow… You’re happy aren’t you? ^_^’

  18. lingo929 says:

    nardwuar must have loved this interview,? talking about Canadian garage rock is his thing

  19. Tommy Vomit says:

    the horrors should do
    sometimes good guys? dont wear white