Nardwuar vs. The Drums

Nardwuar interviews The Drums in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. The Drums”

  1. FringifiedWhovian says:

    Thanksgiving dinner in? London? Lol

  2. MajorParkinson95 says:

    got to? love nardwuar too!

  3. 77kscunk says:

    nardwuar? vs morrissey !

  4. SuperSunshine90210 says:

    all of them are? so cute

  5. kakashisface says:

    so jacob died??

  6. switchfootrocks11 says:

    how does? he not punch someone in the face with that mic

  7. Smallenface says:

    great interview, i always gain respect for bands when they show a great knowledge of? music

  8. aboredloser says:

    cringe at? the end!

  9. Dominiquegmusic says:


  10. barksniffbark says:

    oh shit…i totally wrote that before he mentioned it!!!? hahahaa

  11. barksniffbark says:

    dude looks like johnny from karate kid. in fact they all look like 80s movies dickhead? bad guys. i dont know if that’s a compliment or not… too many bad memories.

  12. manmanguy says:

    Holy shit. ? I was totally thinking about the Karate Kid villain.

  13. Emilydee456 says:

    i? love jacob’s voice

  14. jjmini says:

    Came here expecting a? Joy E shoutout and was pleasantly pleased. Good one “digory”

  15. omgfag1993 says:

    Haha Jacob at the? end 😀 so cute

  16. wallflowerleague says:

    this is my favourtie? thing EVER.

  17. maxxpower17 says:

    Ronnie Martin’s from? Riverside, not Orange County, John.

  18. SweetChick10101 says:

    jacob at the? end lol oh my god. 🙂

  19. SweetChick10101 says:

    I love ow they all crack up at the end lol i could see them trying not to laugh.?

  20. SweetChick10101 says:

    God they’re attractive.
    And? so sweet.

  21. MaaaarrJ says:

    these? guys are just really down to earth nice dudes.