Nardwuar vs. Queens of the Stone Age (2011)

Nardwuar’s 4th interview with Josh Homme in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Queens of the Stone Age (2011)”

  1. wiisports505 says:

    josh’s beard is graying… :(?

  2. Vwisehoon says:

    WHATT??? He’s never heard? TRUCKFIGHTERS???

  3. aceman667 says:

    HOLY SHIT.. this guy is boop annoying!!!?

  4. Koettnylle says:

    goddamn annoying camera work?

  5. DyNaCoR3ftw says:

    oh my god i lol’d when he said : that is? so tits

  6. Luxo62094 says:

    That is so…..*boop cool? man!

  7. yescharliesurfs says:

    Well? figured, sherlock.

  8. poopenstien1 says:

    Don’t know who this Nardwuar character is, but I’d watch his show.

    “You’re nice.” Of? course he’s nice, he’s Canadian.

  9. pepe7drum says:

    i agree? mate

  10. ConanTheManlyMan says:

    Well shit. That Molly Hatchet album art was the same book cover art? for Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Conqueror. Drawn by Frank Franzetta.

  11. DIGITALH1TMAN says:

    Should do a new Arctic Monkeys one cause the old one was crap? haha

  12. theHALLOWEDmetal says:

    man kurt* ( u? can’t even spell his name ) was one of the greatest musicians of all time ! u can’t say he stole something ……. THATS DUMB ! if u know anything about music music is meant to be shared and if wanted altered. Kurt never stole …. thats like saying queens stole from bands like the stooges, led zeppelin ect. ITS NOT STEALING ! ITS CALLED AN INFLUENCE ! man if nirvana went doing something unique and special they wouldn’t of sold as much records and got as many fans as they did

  13. Shadowq100 says:

    If somebody didn’t know: Nardwuar? interviewed Nirvana in 1994.

  14. thephilej says:

    gotta love josh homme!? 🙂

  15. looshkin66 says:

    nirvana sucked… curt cobain only stole from much cooler bands!!! Kurt admits to being derivative of Big Black, The jesus lizard, flipper, the pixies…..he even had Steve Albini from big black/shellac/rapeman produce in utero. Steve Albini engineered all of those bands and had a definite style. You can always hear it if ? Albini produced it. Cobain wanted so desperately to be respected by his peers and in the end i honestly think he killed himself partially because he sold out soooo bad.

  16. LicoriceLain says:

    Probably because? he finds it amusing.

  17. Davetacular45 says:

    Because Josh Homme? is an amazingly talented musician

  18. CCTSPORTES says:

    Really technically speaking, Joey Castillo is being filmed? while taking a shit. Nardwuar is awesome!

  19. thatsfornoobs says:

    To? ask why he re-interviewed this asshole.

  20. JacobJPL says:

    Why would you? post this comment?

  21. TommyType1 says:

    Cain’s Ballroom? = Tulsa,OK