Nardwuar vs. Queens of the Stone Age (2007)

Nardwuar interviews the Queens of the Stone Age in 2007 in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
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22 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Queens of the Stone Age (2007)”

  1. Kyven Bruner says:

    No, it’s just the chorus to a? QotSA song.

  2. NovaKlark says:

    Are you Dr. Rockzo??

  3. pepe7drum says:

    yeah,? why? that´s weird…

  4. Kyven Bruner says:


  5. hudsonmarco says:

    I’m pretty sure he? says Buckingham xD

  6. TechnologicalTyranny says:

    these interviews are? gems lol

  7. lyles32386 says:

    Nardwuar? vs The Deftones

  8. DillingerEscapeMan says:


  9. sam ALLEN says:

    Black? Flag!

  10. MeesterBubbles says:

    you forgot? keep on rawkin in the free world!

  11. cruhg says:


  12. muaar says:

    Hi, we’re? megadeath.

  13. deadbirdsings says:

    Pretty good Canadian accent, I must say.?

  14. LofiCactus86 says:

    josh + hoodie =? rock hard

  15. auditoryarmory says:

    Nardwuar cracks me up…? and so does Josh… “you’re creamed right now?” hahahaha

  16. NBHSzebra08 says:

    Queens of the? Stoneage & Fleetwood Mac are awesome.

  17. QOTSAbaby says:

    Nardward is THE MAN!?

  18. TheSchoolsux345 says:

    josh samples a snare sound…what? hahah

  19. hishighnessthedude says:

    have you been insulted by anything Josh said Troy? pff…on a daily basis? =)) love? these guys

  20. jebus150 says:

    Joey needs to be interviewed more! He’s? hilarious!

  21. maxotherside says:

    Cocoocoo Caineeeeee!!!?

  22. TaffyRaphie says:

    He needs to do another interview with them, but give them a bunch? of records and stuff. those are always the best ones