Nardwuar vs. Nirvana pt 3 of 3

Nardwuar vs. Nirvana pt 3 of 3

Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews Nirvana Tuesday January 4, 1994 PNE Forum, Vancouver, BC, Canada Part 3 of 3 For more Nardwuar interviews hop to:

22 Responses to “Nardwuar vs. Nirvana pt 3 of 3”

  1. XShane666X says:

    Nardwuar makes me want to die listening to his squeaky turd bird? voice

  2. grand dini says:

    shot coke? all night

  3. marvy1118 says:

    Kurt seems like he? has the cloud of death hovering over him.

  4. CescoPisicoli says:

    Kurt Cobain? = depressed, genius, boring, asshole.

  5. Amber Black says:

    Imagine, you are tired and trying eat and some guy just comes up to you asking questions. plus the guy is irritating and? doesn’t listen. kurt repeatedly tells this guy he doesn’t know something and he will continue to ask. Kurt was awesome and was totally chill.

  6. Amber Black says:

    Kurt is trying so hard not to laugh at this guys voice in like the whole 12 seconds in this video. This guy has an awful voice!!?


    Long live the jagstang?

  8. Anotherrnumber says:

    if anyone thinks kurt was acting mean in? this interview…you should watch sonic youth with nardwaur, thats people being mean…

  9. SonDimz says:

    No wonder Kurt shot himself he had to listen to? this guy and Courney

  10. PinkXSpiderXx says:

    You can argue all you want wether this interviewer is a good or a bad one, but it’s? just a fact that that weird tone in his voice is just not making things more interesting, it’s just really annoying.

  11. mysteryjesus says:

    I didn’t think Kurt was being an? asshole. He was quite tolerant of a weird stranger asking some dumb questions. Plus they were trying to eat as well and waiting for their food.

  12. mysteryjesus says:

    I couldn’t? agree more. He comes across as condescending.

  13. Butown says:

    “you like bill? gates?” Kurt: “who’s that?”

  14. gorgeonthis says:

    “i dont remember, i shot coke with alice? in chains all night” lmfao!! m/

  15. TheBlueJayBlog says:

    Everyone seems surprised that Nirvana were assholes… Just doesn’t sound? like news to me.

  16. Seekarr says:

    Heh, I think Courtney was the nicest person? in the whole interview =P

  17. filthysock says:

    Except? for maybe earned wisdom from life and recognition of something you’ve seen a million times before… and other than that its just pretty obvious, dont you think…?

  18. entheoapotheosis says:

    Not to mention he’s interviewed just about everyone in terms of hip-hop/rap. The dude is incredibly well read in? music history and very humble/generous.

  19. Danielcaie92 says:

    I’ve just? discovered Nardwuar today and I’ve only seen 5 of his videos and I can already tell that the man knows his shit about music.

  20. TheTruthiest says:

    Nardwuar has gotten better with his recent interviews and most bands now know what to expect from him, so you can’t? blame Kurt for getting annoyed. I was annoyed just listening.

  21. willem01 says:

    i loved the? ending.

  22. willem01 says:

    i dont get how you? feel Kurt was being an asshole in this interview, i feel he was just being his usual self.